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Group From Brazil

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Box 30, Folder 13; 8x10 Photos from Brazil, taken circa 1940-1951; Group From Brazil with Names; BACK 1. Painter Polly McDonnell and Son 2. Mr. John McDonnell 3. Painter Augusto Rodriquez 4. Jan Zach 5. Critic Mark Berkowitz 6. [Painter] Tiere 7. Judith Zach 8. Painter [Brleans] 9. [Veirada] Silva 10. Rob Burle Marx 11. Painter [Selar] 12 [Arpod Spencs];FRONT OF COPY: Jan Zach (at left, with pipe), Judith Monk (middle row, 4th from left), with artists, journalists, and others at the home of Polly + John McDonnell, Rio di Janeiro, Brazil, c. 1947. Occasion : Polly McDonnell’s painting exhibition at the McDonnell home on the grounds of the General Electric plant in Rio. ;BACK OF COPY: Front Row (Left to Right): 1. unidentified 2. Ms. Quintana (Brazilian, newspaper woman) 3. Son of Polly & John McDonnell 4. Polly McDonnell (American; Painter) 5. Unidentified 6. Lawyer? 7. Brazilian (in writing profession) 8. Brazilian (in writing profession) 9. Brazilian (in writing profession) Middle Row (Left to Right): 1. Jan Zach 2. Marc Berkowitz, art critic (Russian, grew up in Brazil) 3. Brazilian 4. Judith Monk (Canadian) 5. Brazilian 6. Maria Therese Scenes, Painter (wife of Arpod Scenes) 7.-9. Americans 10. Brazilian 11. Mrs. Day (American ; taught English) 12. American Back Row (Left to Right): 1. 2. 3. Mr. Day (American; taught English) 4. American 5. John McDonnell (American, director of General Electric) 6. Augusto Rodriguez (cartoonist, painter) 7. 8. Arpod Scenes (Hungarian painter); Identified by Judith Monk Zach, July 19, 2000, Elmira, Oregon. Recorded by Roger Hull.