Glee 1954
dc.description46th annual Glee
dc.descriptionGlee 1954 was dedicated to Dr. Robert M. Haley.
dc.descriptionThe winning class of Glee 1954 was the Seniors (class of 1954) with the winning song “Fight for Willamette”; Second Place - Juniors (class of 1955) Song: Bearcats to Victory; Third Place - Sophomores (class of 1956) Song: Beat 'em Bearcats; Fourth Place - Freshmen (class of 1957) Song: Mighty Bearcats
dc.descriptionManager: Bill Wheat; Executives: Dale DeHarpport, Ann Notson, Larry Pritchett, Chuck Seagraves, Dale Patton, Kent Hotaling; Program: Joyce Ambler, Margie Wood, Dorothy Pearson, Myrna Olson, Winnie Waltz; Publicity: Benny Lee, Larry Lister, Gordon Steindorf, Kay Houlder; Tickets: Flossy Hodge, Don Ross, Suzanne Mahar, Dave French, Karen Jensen; Stage: Pat Farley, Don Smith, Duane Baird, Paul Edwards, Jim Geddes, John Anderson, Bob Chidester, Gary Lockwood, Martin Burlingame, Bob Donald, Jim Scott, Willie Kleen, Bill Emery, Art Christensen, Bud Mull, Pete Loder, Roy Fowler, Gary Shugarts, Hugh Armstrong, Rod Adams; Formation: Jim Hitchman ('54), Bob Alfred ('55), Bill Farr ('56), Volney Sigmund ('57); Class Song Leaders: Don Morrison ('54), Keith Mirick ('55), Page Bailey ('56); Decorations: Delores Picha, Nancy Holcomb, Margie Wood, Gayle Rogers, Bill Emery, Pete Loder, Marty Hoffman, Anna Mae Lockenour, Bill Cesario, Ted Primrose, Terry Zeigleman, Fred Butler; Lights: Kent Hotaling, Bob Joseph, Ken Renshaw; Chairs: Bob Withers, Dave Barrows, Willie Kleen, Tom Beckham; Entertainment: Ruthann Acklen, Don Miller, Janis Hershe, Melva Johnson; Souvenirs: Jim Scott, Sue Pratt, Volney Sigmund, Sally Jones, Lewis Beatty; Records: Jim Mercer, Wayne Harris, Dick Brockway; Music: Lisbeth Sheilds ('54), Carol Emerson ('54), Keith Mirick ('55), Ronald Hershberger ('56), Myrth Loring ('57), Winnie Waltz ('57), Tricia Gordon ('57); Lyrics: Margie Leonard ('54), Barbara Jackson ('55), Julie Mellor ('55), George Chambers ('55), Bill Bjorkman ('56), Sue Pratt ('57), Flossy Hodge ('57)
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dc.titleGlee 1954
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