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Sarah Birch BFA Animated Arts Thesis Fall 2017

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For my thesis, I created a promo animation and pitch bible for a children’s cartoon series called The Pink Uku-Ladies. The series is a colorful slapstick style sci-fi comedy about two female Martians named Saucy and Sprinkles, who travel around outer space trying to become ukulele superstars. The promo is a short animation that introduces the viewer to the characters, tone, and look of the series. I created the promo in Adobe Animate a vector based 2D animation software (formerly Flash). The promo uses only diegetic sound similar to the Warner Brothers, Wile E Coyote cartoons. The pitch bible is an introduction to the story, world, characters, and setup of the cartoon as a series, it’s 20 pages long. The pages and illustrations were made in Adobe Photoshop. The Pink Uku-Ladies is an episodic, character driven proposed series with the target audience being kids from ages 7-11. The series would incorporate some educational elements related to space, with the goal of getting kids interested in science, while also being entertaining.