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Kathryn Prater BFA General Fine Arts Thesis Fall 2017

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A stitch, is the connection between two or more pieces.
A quilt, is an accumulation, a collection, a joining of segments.
The same may be said about a jigsaw puzzle.
The purpose is to build a broken image.
A hinge, or a rope, creates a bond.
It brings two piece together, but allows mobility.
A gate or a doorway, marks the shift from one place to another,
as we move constantly through the ever shifting landscape of memory.

This thesis arose from my lack of episodic memory, resulting in a lost sense of childhood, and a curiosity for the ways that objects, environment, and emotion, influence how and what we remember. This is an exploration of recollection, as it relates to place and identity.

Through the use of metaphor, I make tangible the fragmented images and sentiment that exists within me. Through the act of making, and arranging them together in a space, I form a collage. I am given the ability to create something new from the broken pieces of past. I invite viewers into my own comprised image of memory, in the hopes that it will spur the construction of their own.