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Amelia Forman Photography Thesis Fall 2018

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My thesis project explores the idea that it is important to help support people’s emotional wellbeing, we can help with emotional well being through art, by working with colors and flowers. I have created a collection of flowers and colors in a book that can be shared, so it can be helpful to anyone viewing it. The title of my book is Flowers, Colors and Emotions. How can flowers and colors be used to help with emotional wellbeing? How can different colors represent emotions? Colors are linked to emotions, generally cool colors are considered more calming but by shading and mixing most colors can be used. The heart of my work is the photographic screen prints I created. It is important that all three elements (flower, color and emotion) work together. I made 10 final photographic screen prints of the close up photographs of flowers. I chose to add an emotion in text onto the print to show the viewer what emotion I thought the print represented, even though it may not be the same emotion that the viewer may have. There is a research project that was done by the Psychology department at Rutgers University in 2005. In the study they determined flowers do have an immediate and sometimes longer term emotional effect on people’s mood, social behavior, and memory.By designing and creating these books I have been able to share my love of flowers with a new understanding of the emotional effect that they have on people. We might not all share the same emotion when we see the flower prints in the books but I think that everyone will experience an emotion and I hope that my books will generate smiles and a calming feeling when people view them.