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Tanya Gonzalez BFA General Fine Arts Thesis Fall 2017

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This series is based off of my religious upbringing and my interest in queer culture. This series discusses the dichotomy between queer identities and religious identities. Through this series, I have visually depicted a response to the social rejection of queerness within religion and within politics. I chose to depict local drag performers as religious idols, specifically as patron saints. My process for selecting the performers was based off of research I have done on how influential they are in the community. This year, I felt the need to focus more on creating a political statement through my art. I wanted to use the likeness of people I admire, both for their performative work but also for the principals they stand for. This work is also about giving back a sense of security that has previously been lost on me while I was growing up with being religious and being queer at the same time. My relationship with religion is estranged but I have been learning how to cope with concepts of existence through the support of friends and family. My future goal for this series is to find more examples of commendable performers and to somehow incorporate my art into social causes for the queer community. I want my art to be used to benefit others and now is the time to band together and to stand unified.