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Man's outfit: Feather Headdress, Obsidian Knife, Necklace (Shorter), Otter Quiver and 3 Arrows, Necklace (Longer), Ringtail Cat Apron, Abalone Pendant Necklace, Pine-Nut Necklace, Flicker Feather Collar, and Crossover Necklaces

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2008 (Feather Headdress: t'hwi-yet), 2006 (Obsidian Knife), 2007 (Shorter Necklace), 2007 (Otter Quiver and 3 Arrows), 2007 (Longer Necklace), 2006 (Ringtail Cat Apron), 2000's (Abalone Pendant Necklace), 2006 (Pine Nut Necklace), 2008 (Flicker Feather Collar), 2006 (Crossover Necklaces)

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Feather Headdress/t'hwi-yet (Flicker, osprey, hackles and chicken plumes, deer hide, and abalone), Obsidian Knife (Flicker feather, deer hide, Port Orford cedar, and rainbow obsidian), Shorter Necklace (Dentalia, glass beads, and deer hide), Otter Quiver and 3 Arrows (Otter, abalone, bear grass, pine nuts, glass beads, Chinese coins, clam, dentalia and turkey feathers), Longer Necklace (Dentalia, glass beads, and deer hide), Ringtail Cat Apron (Ringtail cat and deer hide), Abalone Pendant Necklace (Abalone pendant, African glass beads), Pine Nut Necklace (Pine nuts, Russian faceted beads, and deer hide), Flicker Feather Collar (Flicker feather, deer hide, dentalia, glass beads, abalone, thimbles, coins, pigeon feathers, and band tail), Crossover Necklaces (Olivella shells)


Man's outfit, Coquille