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Sol Fantasma Animated Arts Thesis Fall 2018

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Daus is a world all its own, with its own ecology and unique species. The only humanity that encounters this world are those who “disappear” from Earth, whether it be in the blink of an eye or they simply awaken from sleep to find themselves within Daus. This installation is an effort to recreate the sensation of finding oneself entirely alone, in a wild and unfamiliar land. Considering the time in which this project was being made, my sociopolitical concerns became entwined in the work. Seeing policies and opinions shift around me, without much control to affect them, felt incredibly disempowering. This piece is still about the feeling of having to survive in an entirely new place, but there has been this metaphorical element that grew inside it. How do I deal with a world that has so suddenly become hostile to the very roots of who and what I am? Things that were once reliable and familiar are now sharp and dangerous.