Class of 1926 50th Reunion - group photo on the steps of Lausanne Hall

dc.coverage.spatialUnited States--Oregon--Marion--Salem,
dc.coverage.spatialUnited States--Oregon--Marion--Willamette University,
dc.description2 copies, 1 negative,
dc.descriptionBlack and White
dc.formatpositives (photographs)
dc.identifier.otherWP 1030, Box 9
dc.relation.ispartofWillamette University Archives
dc.relation.ispartofCampus Photographs
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dc.subjectAlumni-Class Reunions
dc.subjectWomen's College - Lausanne Hall
dc.subjectBolton, Enid
dc.subjectMalcolm, Myrtle Jensen
dc.subjectLarrison, Mabel Flock
dc.subjectBarton, Louise Kaufman
dc.subjectMootry, Earl H.
dc.subjectBrechtel, Lucile Wylie
dc.subjectMiller, Plly Bartholomew
dc.subjectMedler, Rachel DeYo
dc.subjectMarcy, Helen Johnson
dc.subjectArpke, Remoh Tryer
dc.subjectGoodenough, Bryan
dc.subjectDotson, Geraldine Cook
dc.subjectRobertson, Nora Pehrsson
dc.subjectComstock, Ila
dc.subjectBroek, Ruth Heineck
dc.subjectHartley, Midlred Grant
dc.subjectThompson, Loyd E.
dc.subjectPearson, Gerald
dc.subjectStolzheise, Ralph Merwin
dc.subjectHarrison, Eloise Heineck
dc.subjectBond, Charles Al
dc.subjectRobertson, Arthur DeLoss
dc.subjectGriffin, Hazel Malmsten
dc.subjectBrougher, Esther Bauman
dc.subjectArpke, Frederick
dc.subjectHalliday, Noma Terril
dc.subjectPaulus, Fred
dc.subjectBrougher, John C.
dc.subjectBlatchford, Roderick
dc.subjectErickson, Herbert S.
dc.subjectHansen, Elmer C.
dc.subjectPearson, Mildred Cannoy
dc.subjectBriggs, Richard W.
dc.subjectAtkinson, George H.
dc.subjectHansen, Helen
dc.subjectSparks, Lestle J.
dc.subjectNunn, Charles
dc.subjectJohnston, G. Paul
dc.subjectVan Winkle, I.H.
dc.titleClass of 1926 50th Reunion - group photo on the steps of Lausanne Hall