Glee 1955
dc.description47th annual Glee
dc.descriptionGlee 1955 was dedicated to the “All past Freshmen Glee Managers.”
dc.descriptionThe winning class of Glee 1955 was the Freshmen (class of 1958) with the winning song “Jason, Daddy”; Second Place - Sophomores (class of 1957) Song: Facin' Jason; Third Place - Seniors (class of 1955) Song: Live and Learn; Fourth Place - Juniors (class of 1956) Song: Dear Folks
dc.descriptionManager: Mac Baker; Executives: Bill Walsh, Nancy Groth, Keith Mirick, Dale Greening, Neil Causbie, Wayne Carr; Program: Canfield Smith, Bill Weaver, Ann Barber, Mary Ann Swafford, Mary Lou Krause, Eugene Corey; Publicity: Charles Marsters, Weldon Snodgrass, Jim Barthelmess, George Hoyt, Anita Booth, Janet Roscoe, Amy Jo Blomberg, Esther Gwilliam, Hale Hill, Beverly Reinhardt, Ann Maxwell; Tickets: Ralph Sipprell, Greta Russell, Margaret Magone, Diana Stafford, Chuck Schmitz, Priscilla Payne; Stage: Bob Braddy, Bill Jackson, Tom Head, Merlin Hofstetter, Jim Fiske, Martha Sitton, Marilyn Swant, Earl Pajari, Bob Boss, Brad Lucas, Skip Alexander, Skip Wilcox, Steve Zwicker, Jac Fowler, Fred Davis, Barbara Goodier, Irene Fox, Ron Taylor, Dave Poff, Dave Dixon, Dick White, Bob McIlvain; Formation: Bob Alfred ('55), Bill Farr ('56), Volney Sigmund ('57), George Hoyt ('58); Class Song Leaders: Keith Mirick ('55), Ron Hershberger ('56), Don Miller ('57), Dave Louthan ('58); Backdrop: Maureen Day, Anita Booth, Mary Beebe, Mariam Mathew, Muriel Miettunen, Ruth Volgamore, Dianne Jones, Margaret Dodd; Decorations: Elaine Gustafson, Anne Meeker, Barbara Mitchell, Arlene Pohl, Jim Cain, Pat MacGregor, Maria Friauf; Lights: Lowell Nichols, Ed Everts, Bob Stevens, Duane Moodhe, Dave Hawkins; Chairs: Steve Nason, Warren Campbell, Shirley Riegel, Donna Holm, Dick Chanda, Bob Taylor, Larry Hendrickson; Entertainment: Jeannine Graber, Jack Knapp, Jim Alexander; Souvenirs: Lewis Bright, Jerry Brackins, Rod Norris, Wayne Haverson, Rosie Miller, Gina Lee, Anne Yoder; Records: Doug Rhodes, Jerry Johnson, Jackie Edwards, Jerry Ackerson, Marie DeFreese, Pete Brown, Frieda Kirk, Anne Cummings, Phylis Schister; Music: Keith Mirick ('55), Paul Ackerman ('56), Ron Hershberger ('56), Tricia Gordon ('57), Martin Wolf ('57), Dave Louthan ('58); Lyrics: Judy Fullager ('55), Dale Gustafson ('56), Marilyn Parker ('56), Ron Hershberger ('56), Bill Bjorkman ('56), Flossy Hodge ('57), Tom Loree ('57), Sue Pratt ('57), Carolyn Reynolds ('58), Connie Clark ('58), Dave Louthan ('58)
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dc.titleGlee 1955