Woman's outfit (left #1)

dc.contributor.authorPersonal Collection of Alfred "Bud" Lane III and Alissa Lee Lane, Collection of the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon, The George and Colleen Hoyt Art Acquisition Fund, 2002.007 and 2008.041, and the Lincoln County Historical Society, Newport, Oregon
dc.contributor.authorAlfred "Bud" Lane III, Gladys Bolton, Arlissa Rhoan, Alissa Lee Lane, and Unknown Artist
dc.date.issued2005 (Dentalia Necklace/ Ts 'ut Naa-garsh-detlh-yu), 1989 (Buckskin Skirt), 1989 (Mattishes), 2007 (Clam Shell Disc Necklace/ Ts 'un-daa-xe), 1996 (Feather Plume), 1994 (Hair Ties and Mink Hair Wraps), 2008 (Backing Bead Necklace)
dc.descriptionDentalia Necklace/ Ts 'ut Naa-garsh-detlh-yu (Dentalia, red glass beads, artificial sinew, and buckskin), Buckskin Skirt (Buckskins) Mattishes (Wood, goose feathers, and buckskins) Clam Shell Disc Necklace/ Ts 'un-daa-xe (Clam Shell and artificial sinew), Woman's Ceremonial Cap/ xee-tr 'at (Hazel sticks, spruce root, bear grass, maidenhair fern stem), Bead Dance Apron (Tan fabric, buckskin, red,, white, blue and black glass trade beads, and brass and silver thimbles), Feather Plume (Feathers, Artificial Sinew), Hair Ties and Mink Hair Wraps (Buckskin, mink fur, bear grass, pine nuts, glass beads, and abalone pendants), Backing Bead Necklace (Glass beads, artificial sinew, and buckskin)
dc.identifier.otherAoC 36
dc.relation.ispartof18" x 7.5" (Dentalia Necklace/ Ts 'ut Naa-garsh-detlh-yu), 35" x 26" (Buckskin Skirt), 16" x 3" (Mattishes), 21" x 6" (Clam Shell Disc Necklace/ Ts 'un-daa-xe), 4" x 7.75" (Woman's Ceremonial Cap/ xee-tr 'at), 17" x 40" (Bead Dance Apron), 16" x 5" (Feather Plume)
dc.subjectWoman's outfit
dc.titleWoman's outfit (left #1)