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Woman's outfit (right #1)

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1995 (Woman's Ceremonial Cap/ xee-tr 'at), 1994 (Blue Bead Dentalia Necklace/ Ts 'ut Naa-garsh-detlh-yu), 1997 (Clam Shell Disc Money/ Ts 'un-daa-xe), 1993 (Woman's Ceremonial Apron/ San), 1992 (Mattishes), ca. 1990 (Siletz Dance Dress), 1998 (Feather Plume), 1991 (Hair Ties and Mink Hair Wraps)

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Woman's Ceremonial Cap/ xee-tr 'at (Fir sticks, spruce root, woodwardia fern, and bear grass), Blue Bead Dentalia Necklace/ Ts 'ut Naa-garsh-detlh-yu (Dentalia, glass beads, artificial sinew, and buckskin), Clam Shell Disc Money (Clamshell discs, glass beads, and artificial sinew), Woman's Ceremonial Apron/ San (Canvas, clamshell, pine nuts, olivella shells, glass beads, thimbles, and buckskin), Mattishes (Wood, goose feathers, and buckskin), Siletz Dance Dress (Buckskin, pine nuts, and white glass beads), Feather Plume (Feathers, artificial sinew, and ocean spray sticks), Hair Ties and Mink Hair Wraps (Artificial sinew, mink fur, glass beads, dentalia, and thimbles)


Woman's outfit, Siletz