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Willamette's 1987 NCIC and NAIA District II Track and Field Champions

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Track and Field; Front Row: Colleran, Bob; Nebert, Dietrich; Reese, Mike; Gile, Mike; Pooleon, Gareth; Connors, Kevin; Healy, Scott; Wiltsey, Jeff; Scearce, David; Landeen, Erik; Coleman, Jay; Kamadoli, Amar; Second Row; Rugroden, Brett; Kliewar, Rob; Pykkonen, Rich; Catton, Jack; Collins, David; Lapray, Sam; Williams, Jim; Sommer, Doug; Cooley, Eric; Simpson, Bill; Third Row: Bartlett, John; Bowles, Charles; Willie, Tony; Duquette, Chris; Kelly, Kevin; Fowler, Jeff; Thomas, Dan; DeVyldere, Bob; Kilday, Jeff; Jacobs, Randy; O'Donnell, Troy; Nockleby, Mark; King, Camden; Victor, Brad; 2 copies, 1 negative
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Track and Field, Colleran, Bob, Nebert, Dietrich, Reese, Mike, Gile, Mike, Pooleon, Gareth, Connors, Kevin, Healy, Scott, Wiltsey, Jeff, Scearce, David, Landeen, Erik, Coleman, Jay, Kamadoli, Amar, Rugroden, Brett, Kliewar, Rob, Pykkonen, Rich, Catton, Jack, Collins, David, Lapray, Sam, Williams, Jim, Sommer, Doug, Cooley, Eric, Simpson, Bill, Bartlett, John, Bowles, Chuck, Willie, Tony, Duquette, Chris, Kelly, Kevin, Fowler, Jeff, Thomas, Dan, DeVyldere, Bob, Kilday, Jeff, Jacobs, Randy, O&#x27, Donnell, Troy, Nockleby, Mark, King, Camden, Victor, Brad