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Glee 1950

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42nd annual Glee
Glee 1950 was dedicated to the members of the Class of 1912.
The winning class of Glee 1950 was the Juniors (class of 1951) with the winning song “Forward Mighty Bearcats”; Second Place - Freshmen (class of 1953) Song: On to Victory; Third Place - Sophomores (class of 1952) Song: Fight On Willamette; Fourth Place - Seniors (class of 1950) Song: The Cardinal and Gold
Manager: Duane Denney; Executives: Phil Ringle, Barbara Baker; Program: Nancy Lawson; Publicity: Dick Loutham, Rollin Cocking; Tickets: Prudy Edwards, Joyce Robertson, Paul Jewell, Delores Gustafson; Stage: Buz Sawyer, John Piper; Decorations: Marilyn Whaley, John Ambler, Eleanor Meeker, Marijane Phillips, Shirley Hutchinson, Betty May Crites, Ardath Durbin, Marge Harris, Jo Richardson, Nacy Marks, Dave Bosil, Al MacGregor; Lights: Steve Nicks, Neil Moodhe, Ben Collier, Stan Neslon; Chairs: Dick Ruff, Bob Miller, Jack Larsen, Louie Hammer, Bob Smith, Don Hitchman, Jack Keikel, Joe Harvey, George Porter; Entertainment: Amaryllis Lilles; Music: Gloria Stone ('50), Lloyd Hanson ('50), Martha Bernard ('51), Gladys Blue ('52), Dick Loutham ('53); Lyrics: Lloyd Hanson ('50), Margaret Guice ('51), Janet Stark ('51), Lorna Johannaber ('52), JoAnne Estey ('52), Betty Jean Mullin ('52), Norman Lawson ('53), Amaryllis Lilles ('53), Loren Ranton ('53)