National Science Foundation Award 1505060 (Data)

dc.contributor.authorStevens, Courtney
dc.contributor.authorWitkow, Melissa
dc.descriptionA rising tide of calls for improved science education underscores the importance and significance of incorporating stronger training of scientific thinking skills into first-year college science courses. This project addresses that need by developing, evaluating, and disseminating a set of scientific thinking teaching materials with proven efficacy in a variety of college settings. The materials will use core topics in Introductory Psychology in combination with real world issues and controversies to train students' scientific thinking skills. The project builds on cognitive psychology research on human learning and established best-practices for science education. National Science Foundation Grant 1505060.
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dc.description.sponsorshipNational Science Foundationen_US
dc.titleNational Science Foundation Award 1505060 (Data)en_US