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Glee 1962

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54th annual Glee
Glee 1962 was dedicated to Lestle J. Sparks.
The winning class of Glee 1962 was the Sophomores (class of 1964) with the winning song “Bearcat Victory”; Second Place - Seniors (class of 1962) Song: Spark of Victory; Third Place - Juniors (class of 1963) Song: Shout the Victory; Fourth Place - Freshmen (class of 1965) Song: Win for Willamette U
Managers: Dave Foote; Executives: Richard Hawkins, Maradee Oliver, Susan Sleeper, Frank Morton, Carol McNeil; Program: Steve Hawes, Candy Collins, Nancy Davis, Reed Gould, Candy Chapman; Publicity: Sally Stone, Chuck Wardle, Candy Chapman, Sue Meeker, Dave Fairbrook; Tickets: Sid Cooper, Cindy Janes, Paula Boatwright, Cathy Parry, Steve Smith; Stage: Jim Woods, Dan Skerritt; Formation: Ed Sasaki ('62), Don Lorenzen ('64), Pete Ruotsi ('65); Class Song Leaders: Gary Frame ('62), Dave Beier ('64), George Blakeslee Jr. ('65), Marvin F. Case ('65); Backdrop: Mike Keuss, Ann Albright, Sarah Cross, Kitten Dewar, Penny Galitzki, Don Baldwin, Maila Rinta, Sharon Welty; Decorations: Jim Baker, Vicki Howie, Cheryl Bohannon, Mary Burkland, Heather Ann Lundgren, Jane Storey, Carol Walton, Lenore Monk, Trish Deems, Cathy McConnell, Jean Mill, Amy Spaulding; Lights: Steve Enloe, Lyle Smith; Chairs: Dick Heermance, Jim Hiyashiru; Entertainment: Marilyn Garner, Mikie Thomas; Souvenirs: Larry Somers, Susan Foster, Corky Sorensen, David Miles, Karen Nelson, John Ryan, Norman Gifford, Russell Olmo, Donna Marggi; Records: Sally Arnsberg, Larry Foster; Finance: Frank Morton, Carol McNeil; Photography: John Ryan, Norman Gifford, Russell Olmo, Donna Marggi, Larry Somers; Music: Gary Frame ('62), Sue Lewis ('63), Max Moorhead ('64), Dave Beier ('64), Ivona Randall ('64), George Blakeslee Jr. ('65), Marvin F. Case ('65); Lyrics: Judy Miettunen ('62), Barbara Jackman ('62), Thelma Ray ('63), Mary Martin ('64), Rosalie Johnston ('64), Dave Beier ('64), George Blakeslee Jr. ('65), Marvin F. Case ('65)