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Glee 1981

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73rd annual Glee
Glee 1981 was dedicated to G. Herbert Smith.
The winning class of Glee 1981 was the Freshmen (class of 1984) with the winning song “Your Heart Will Find a Way”; Second Place - Seniors (class of 1984) Song: Signs of the Times; Third Place - Sophomores (class of 1983) Song: The Yellow Brick Road; Fourth Place - Juniors (class of 1982) Song: We Can See the Stars
Executives: Sue Bradford, Al Headrick, Lori Roser, Lisa Partridge, Crystal Mills, Mark Cain, Pam Byrne, Bonita Mason; Formation: Kelly Casebeer (81), Jill Terry ('82), Lisa Lazzareschi ('82), Mindy Elliott ('82), Linda Boshears ('83), Teresa Church ('83), Sarah Behrens ('83), Andy Laudensleger ('84), Anne Taylor ('84); Class Song Leaders: Dave Smith ('81), Kerry Tymchuck ('81), Pam Beck ('81), Tracy Waggoner ('81), Paula Hutchens ('81), Steve Miller ('82), Mark Simmer ('82), Lori Roser ('82), Lisa Partridge ('82), Jeff Harvey ('83), Carrie Choate ('83), Joy Schaad ('83), Chris Tolleson ('84), Jill Ezzel ('84); Music: Cathy Wade ('81), Kerry Tymchuck ('81), Steve Miller ('82), Mark Simmer ('82), Crystal Mills ('83), Pam Jackson ('84)