Class of 1942 Reunion - group photo on the steps of Lausanne Hall

dc.coverage.spatialUnited States--Oregon--Marion--Salem,
dc.coverage.spatialUnited States--Oregon--Marion--Willamette University,
dc.descriptionAlumni-Class Reunions; Women's College - Lausanne Hall; Bottom Row:Woodham, Marion (Sanders); Jones, Helen (Newland); Dean, Robert; Daggett, Bob; Achor, Dorothy (Moore); Achor, Winfield; Second Row: Fravel, Dorothea (Greenwood); Van Wyngarden, Maxine (Holt); Rathkey, Arthur; Wolfhagen, Helen (Acheson); Byars, Hilma (Breuser); Nunn, Delores (Netz); Third Row: Offen, Carolyn (Brown); Downs, Hume; Mitchell, Bertha (Boyle); Ogden, Mary (Ross); Chapin, Mary (Barker); Fourth Row: Hamilton, Marjorie (Waters); Stoudenmeyer, Hank; Piercey, Eileen (Lester); Piercey, Clifford; Childress, Doris; Fifth Row: Whalin, Barbara (Hollingworth); Parke, Frances (Harris); Fitzsimmons, Eric; Gilmore, Chloe (Anderson); Ogden, Gil; Voigt, Robert; Fravel, Glen; Wilson, Margaret (Siegmund); Van Wyngarden, Bruce; Irvine, Harry; Top Row: Cone, June (Woldt); Blanding, Bob; Tabor, Hale; Hill, Clifford; Hadley, Wayne; Thompson; Dr. R. Franklin; Blodgett, Cory
dc.descriptionBlack and White
dc.formatpositives (photographs)
dc.identifier.otherWP 1045, Box 9
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dc.subjectAlumni-Class Reunions
dc.subjectWomen's College - Lausanne Hall
dc.subjectWoodham, Marion (Sanders)
dc.subjectJones, Helen (Newland)
dc.subjectDean, Robert
dc.subjectDaggett, Bob
dc.subjectAchor, Dorothy (Moore)
dc.subjectAchor, Winfield
dc.subjectFravel, Dorothea (Greenwood)
dc.subjectVan Wyngarden, Maxine (Holt)
dc.subjectRathkey, Arthur
dc.subjectWolfhagen, Helen (Acheson)
dc.subjectByars, Hilma (Breuser)
dc.subjectNunn, Delores (Netz)
dc.subjectOffen, Carolyn (Brown)
dc.subjectDowns, Hume
dc.subjectMitchell, Bertha (Boyle)
dc.subjectOgden, Mary (Ross)
dc.subjectChapin, Mary (Barker)
dc.subjectHamilton, Marjorie (Waters)
dc.subjectStoudenmeyer, Hank
dc.subjectPiercey, Eileen (Lester)
dc.subjectPiercey, Clifford
dc.subjectChildress, Doris
dc.subjectWhalin, Barbara (Hollingworth)
dc.subjectParke, Frances (Harris)
dc.subjectFitzsimmons, Eric
dc.subjectGilmore, Chloe (Anderson)
dc.subjectOgden, Gil
dc.subjectVoigt, Robert
dc.subjectFravel, Glen
dc.subjectWilson, Margaret (Siegmund)
dc.subjectVan Wyngarden, Bruce
dc.subjectIrvine, Harry
dc.subjectCone, June (Woldt)
dc.subjectBlanding, Bob
dc.subjectTabor, Hale
dc.subjectHill, Clifford
dc.subjectHadley, Wayne
dc.subjectDr. R. Franklin
dc.subjectBlodgett, Cory
dc.titleClass of 1942 Reunion - group photo on the steps of Lausanne Hall