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Kendrick Corp BFA Painting Thesis Fall 2017

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My intent was to create a body of work that exists as more than the sum of its parts; for each piece to be able to function in a unique, distinct way aside from every other piece, yet, remain a cohesive body of work when each piece came together to form said body. While considering the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance formulated by Leon Festinger in the mid-20th Century and researching the philosophy of love and its various manifestations, I have created and archived a personal symbolic lexicon that serves as a foundation for emergent structures to develop, aiding in compositional generation. Through painting as a medium, I am attempting to create discrete narratives with myself regarding such topical themes as sexuality, gender identity, masculinity and femininity, consumerism, socio-political current events, an ethic of love, personal histories, and Art History. These discrete narratives, in conjunction with my own symbolic lexicon, allow for the creation of dynamic, engaging compositions that serve as a vehicle to allow room for personal assuagement to personal dissonances. I do this through aesthetic jest.