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Glee 1968

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60th annual Glee
Glee 1968 was dedicated to Cecil R. Monk
The winning class of Glee 1968 was the Juniors (class of 1969) with the winning song “One Chain of Brass”; Second Place - Seniors (class of 1968) Song: Serenade for a Senior; Third Place - Freshman (class of 1971) Song: There's Only a Meadow; Fourth Place - Sophomores (class of 1970) Song: Dream of Love
Managers: Kathy Hartman; Executives: Skip Macey, Sue Garrison; Program: Ron Rainger, Linda Grundy, Rosalie Drake, Donna Grant, Linda Stanley, Stephanie Lewis, Gayle Jones, Jeanie Brenen; Publicity: Joe Hoffman, Bernie Carter, Bob Kagy, Jim Vannice, Suzanne Swanson, Gayle Jones, Nancy Wolf, Sally Irwin, Jaque Hodges, Cathy Strong, Cindy Smith, Tina Anderson, Jan Hatcher, Sally Roundtree, Carol Blucher, Bill Russell; Tickets: Debbie Speer, Doug Coats, Terrie Tinker, Kathy Bradley, Robin Simonet, Lindsay Schwyn, Karen Hawkins; Stage: Jim Kubitz, Peggy Chandler, Gaylyn Rapozo, Peggy Ringler, Linda Sacher, Sara Morris, Sue McKinnon, Bill Florer, Dave Cook, Bob Bonar; Formation: Dennis Cole ('68), Don Solberg ('69), Jon Hagner ('70), Dave Hjeit ('71); Class Song Leaders: Sue Thompson ('68), Rick Kraft ('70), Bruce Robertson ('71), Larry Cunningham ('72); Backdrop: Alyson Harmer, Dan Damewood, Rob Wallace, Ron Pickney; Decorations: Susie Doughton, Walt Erickson, Jan Hatcher, Barbara Spears, Kathy Welch, Cherie Smith, Jeanne Lockwood, Jan Sampson, Lyn Bergstrom, Ann Lebsack, Ray Conklin, Sally Roundtree, Shelley Milne, Marilyn Palmer, Nancy Barnes, Nancy Wolff, Alison Dains, Debbie Huffman, Toni Doane, Laura Stiege, Linda Knipher, Gayle Jones, Suzanne Swanson, Corinne Mazwell, Pat Bowen, Margaret Chesney, Cindy Keuhnert, Betsy Wilson; Lights: Gary Mansfield, John Fitz, Ron Judson; Entertainment: Linda Rough, Mike Holmes, Dick Krause; Souvenirs: Margaret Chesney, Mark Brennan, Kathy Jensen, Jan Sampson, Lyn Bergstrom, Bill Mitchell, Janice Gregory, Pat Bowen; Records: Roger Nichols, Bill Shirey; Music: Clay Morris ('68), Wendy Wolf ('69), Bruce Robertson ('70), Larry Cunningham ('71); Lyrics: Brian Gard ('68), Wendy Wolf ('69), Bruce Robertson ('70), Larry Cunningham ('71)



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