Girl's Outfit (left #3)

dc.contributor.authorPersonal Collections of Alfred "Bud" Lane III, Heather Butler, and Alissa Lane, Siletz, Oregon
dc.contributor.authorAlfred "Bud" Lane III, Alissa Lee Lane, Mitzi Shoemake, Reggie Butler Sr., Reggie Butler Jr., and Heather and Lillie Butler (Girl's Ceremonial Cap/ xee-tr'at), 1991 (Clam Shell Disc Necklace/ ts' un-daa-xe), 2003 (Pine Nut Necklace), 2004 (Girl's Feather Dance Dress/ Chaa-'i'), 2004 (Girl's Dance Apron/ San), 1992 (Feather Plume), 1990 (Hair Ties and Otter Hair Wraps), 2008 (Backing Bead Necklace)
dc.descriptionGirl's Ceremonial Cap/ xee-tr'at (Hazel Sticks, bear grass, spruce roots, and maidenhair fern stem), Mattishes (Wood Feathers, and buckskin), Clam Shell Disc Necklace/ ts' un-daa-xe (Red beads, clamshells, glass beads, and artificial sinew), Pine Nut Necklace (Pine nuts, glass beads, buckskin, and artificial sinew), Girl's Feather Dance Dress/ Chaa- 'i' (Deer hide, pine nuts, glass beads, abalone, and artificial sinew), Girl's Dance Apron/ San (Canvas, glass beads, pine nuts, abalone, artificial sinew, and red cloth), Feather Plume (Feathers, artificial sinew, and ocean spray sticks), Hair Ties and Otter Hair Wraps (Buckskin, otter fur, bear grass, naa-set shells, pine nuts, glass beads, and abalone pendants), Backing Bead Necklace (Glass beads, artificial sinew, and buckskin)
dc.identifier.otherAoC 32
dc.relation.ispartof7" x 4" (Ceremonial Cap/ xee-tr'at), 15" x 2" (Mattishes), 13" x 5" (Clam Shell Disc Necklace/ ts' un-daa-xe), 17.5" x 7" (Pine Nut Necklace), 25" x 30" (Feather Dance Dress/ Chaa- 'i'), 20" x 13" (Dance Apron/ San), 16" x 5" (Feather Plume), 26" x 4" (Hair Ties and Otter Hair Wraps)
dc.subjectGirl's outfit
dc.titleGirl's Outfit (left #3)