John Clem Clark - Slide JC-4

dc.contributor.authorClarke, John Clem
dc.contributor.authorShull, Jim
dc.descriptionPhotos taken at John's studio in NY; John is from Oregon, graduated from U of O Art Dept around 1960, went on a world tour to find the center of the art world & found it in NY around 1964 or 65. Also found some degree of success.; John thought he was destined to be a football player up to his 2nd or 3rd year at Oregon State College. He suddenly quit the team & became an art major. He transferred to U of O perhaps by 1967 or 8 where I got to know him. In 1960 or 61 we shared studio space in downtown Salem.; No titles for any. All paintings are sprayed paint using flit guns & paper stencils...
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dc.relation.ispartofJim Shull Works by Northwest Artists Slide Collection
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dc.titleJohn Clem Clark - Slide JC-4
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