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Emily Schwartz BFA Illustration Thesis Fall 2017



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The second idea of importance is duality. The duality of exterior beauty and inner turmoil. The duality of cool, humid climates and dry, hot climates. The duality of precise, colorful, painted imagery and jittery, dark, animated graphics. The duality of being killed by the environment, and being an accessory in killing the environment. The duality of the beauty of landscape and the grotesque nature of life.

The paintings versus the animations represent the ideal versus the reality. Stillness versus movement. What I saw versus what I thought and felt. The animations distract from the paintings just as my uncomfortable feelings distracted me from being able to completely lose myself in the beauty of my surroundings.

The animations are representative of the raw, honest emotions I experienced as reactions to these environments. These animations are the inner turmoil to the paintings’ exterior beauty. They serve the purpose of being an unappealing, ugly distraction to disrupt the neatness of these paintings. They are manifestations of the ugly feelings I experienced while in these settings. The paintings are the seemingly-staged photos you bring home. The animations are the feelings you probably don’t want to talk about. The paintings are the ideal, the escape. The animations express the inescapable, imperfect reality that is often difficult to bear,