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"Translation: What is there for me to read; Recommended by the Bibliographic Commission of the Leningrad Oblono (Regional Department of Education) Science and technology: • E. Danko – The Chinese Secret. Drawings by N. Lapshin. (To be published in the coming days.) • B. Zhitkov—Locomotives. Drawings by V. Vladimirov. Published in Moscow-Leningrad, 1928. 111 pages. 70 kopeks. • River in a Harness(?). Edited by B. Zhitkov, drawings by S. Pavlov. 2nd edition. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 79 pages, 80 kopeks. • M. Ilyin—100,000 Whys (google!). Drawings by N. Lapshin. Published in the coming days. • M. Il’in—Factory in a Saucepan. Drawings and Cover by M. Tsekhanovskii. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 43 pages, 20 kopeks. • M. Il’in—Pocket Comrade. Drawings by M. Tsekhanovskii. Moscow-Leningrad 1927, 39 pages, 18 kopeks. • V. Sharonov—A Stroll About the Sky. Drawings by N. Lapshin. 2nd edition. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 134 pages; map 75 kopeks, with book jacket 1 ruble. Books about animals: • V. Bianki—Annual Forest Newspaper. Drawings by N. Brunia, P. Sokolov, N. Tyrsa, T. Shishmarevaia, E. Evenbakh. Moscow-Leningrad 1927, 155 pages, 1 ruble fifty kopeks, with book jacket 2 rubles 50 kopeks. • V. Bianki—Murzuk. A Story. Drawings by E. Charushin. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 104 pages, 50 kopeks. • V. Bianki—The Lone One. Drawings by E. Morozova. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 127 pages, 70 kopeks. • Will James—Smoky the Cowhorse. Translated by M. Gershenzon. Illustrations by the author. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 237 pages, 1 ruble 20 kopeks. • L. Zavodovsky—In the Taiga. Story. Drawings by A. Kravchenko. 2nd edition. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 84 pages, 30 kopeks. • Cherry Kearton—My Friend Toto. Translated from English by L. Lanska. Edited by E. Lann. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 86 pages, 50 kopeks. • Lesnik—All Dogs. Illustrations by M. Razulevich and I. Kobolev. Moscow-Leningrad 1929, 68 pages, 45 kopeks. • Charles Mayer—How I Trapped Wild Animals. Translated from English. With illustrations in text. 2nd edition. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 257 pages, 1 ruble 50 kopeks. • Ernest Thompson Seton—Rolf In the Woods. Stories. (To be published in the coming days.) • A. Formozov—Six Days In the Woods. The adventures of young naturalists. With 84 drawings by the author. Editing and foreword by Professor A. Kots. 2nd edition. Moscow-Leningrad 1927, 112 pages, 70 kopeks. Travels: • Beiul—Letters from Africa. Completed by N. Zabolitskii. Illustrations by N. Lapshin. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 76 pages, 35 kopeks. • D. Kerr—On the Ships of Vasco de Gama. A Story. Translated from English and completed by A. Krivtsova. Edited by E. Lann. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 214 pages, 90 kopeks, with book jacket 1 ruble 20 kopeks. • P. Nizovoi—Among Eternal Ice. A Story. With many illustrations. Moscow-Leningrad 1927, 100 pages, with book jacket 50 kopeks. • E. Pimenova—Breaker of Rocks. The life and travels of Henry Stanley according to his recollections. Wood engravings by N. Brimer. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 184 pages, 1 ruble, in translation 1 ruble 60 kopeks. Second edition published in the coming days. • Chatskina—First at the Pole. The story of the discovery of the South Pole by Amundsen and Scott. With photographs. To be published in the coming days. • N. Chukovskii—To Meet Death. The travels of (Jean-Francois de Galaup, comte) de Lapérouse. Illustrations by Razulevich. To be published in the coming days. Children’s Adventures: • G. Belykh and L. Panteleev—The Republic of SHKID. Story. Illustrations by N. Tyrsa. 2nd edition. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 320 pages, 2 rubles, with book jacket 2 rubles 75 kopeks. • N. Garin—Tyoma’s Childhood. From a family chronicle. Illustrations by A. Kodak. 2nd edition. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 220 pages, 1 ruble, with book jacket 1 ruble 50 kopeks. • N. Garin—Schoolchildren. Illustrations by V. Grinberg. vii, 456 pages, 1 ruble 60 kopeks, with book cover 1 ruble 85 kopeks. • E. Grinvud—The Little Ragamuffin. To be published in the coming days. • B. Zhitkov—Sea Tales. Illustrations by N. Tyrsa, 2nd edition. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 56 pages, 55 kopeks. • A. Neverov—The Teddy Bear Dodonov. A Story. Illustrations by A. Baranskii. 2nd edition. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 141 pages, 50 kopeks. • A. Samokhvalov—Hujr’s Revenge. To be published in the coming days. • S. Marshak. The Vanguiard. Illustrations and completed by N. Tyrsa. Mosclw-Leningrad 1928, 9 pages, 10 kopeks. • Mark Twain—The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Translated from English and edited by K. Chukovskii. Moscow-Leningrad 1927, 328 pages, 1 ruble 30 kopeks, with book jacket 2 rubles. 2nd edition to be published in the coming days. • M. Twain—Top Sawyer, Detective. Illustrations by A. Pahomov. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 109 pages, 50 kopeks, (???) 70 kopeks. • L. Panteleev—A Portrait. Illustrated by N. Tyrsa, Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 24 pages, 15 kopeks. • J. Ayton—School of Gentlemen. Translation and reworking by N. Kamionskaia. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 113 pages, 50 kopeks. The fight for freedom: • S. Bogdanovich—Prince Rebel. A Historical tale. Wood engravings by S. Mochalov. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 157 pages, 90 kopeks. • S. Grigor’ev—The Red Beacon. A Tale. Drawings by A. Baranskii. 4th edition. Moscow-Leningrad 1927. 56 pages, 25 kopeks. • S. Grigor’ev—Striped Amba. A Story. Drawings by S. Gerasimov. Moscow-Leningrad 1927, 181 pages, 1 ruble 10 kopeks. • V. Kaverin—The Siege of the Palace. Drawings by N. Tyrsa. 2nd edition. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 55 pages, 40 kopeks. • M. Novorusskii—The Prison Robinsons. With a sketch by by V. Figner and notes by N. Morozov. 2nd edition. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 212 pages, 1 ruble 10 kopeks. • A. Samokhvalov—Our City. Drawings by the author. Moscow-Leningrad 1927. 77 pages, 50 kopeks. • N. Tikhonov—From Sea to Sea. Drawings by A. Pakhomov. 2nd edition. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 102 pages, 80 kopeks, with book jacket 98 kopeks. • Yan Strauian—The Forest Brothers. A Story. Drawings by M. Chigarev. 2nd edition. Moscow-Leningrad 1927, 84 pages, 40 kopeks. Poems and fairy tales: • Longfellow—The Song of Hiawatha. Translated by I. Bunin. With 327 drawings in the text by the American artist Remington. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 272 pages, 2 rubles 75 kopeks, with book jacket 3 rubles 50 kopeks. • P. Ershov—The Hobbyhorse Humpback. A Russian fairy tale. Drawings by P. Glebova. Moscow-Leningrad 1928, 102 pages, 60 kopeks. • A. Pushkin—Fairy Tales. To be published in the coming days ; Print Run: 10,000 ; "