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36th annual Glee
Glee 1944 was dedicated to Professor Lestle J. Sparks.
The winning class of Glee 1944 was the Juniors (class of 1945); Second Place - Seniors (class of 1944) Song: "Memory Serenade"; Third Place - Freshmen (class of 1947); Fourth Place - Sophomores (class of 1946) Song: "Wheels of Progress"
Manager: Royal Hart; General: John Stockman, Ray Short, Winser Acton, Mike Carolan, Wilma Froman, Jack Glasse, Royal Hart, Alice Rose, Louise Wrisley; Program: Jean Rowland, Norma Wooton, Ruth Saffron, Mary East, Maryann Wittliff, Garry Garrison; Publicity: Evelyn Deal; Tickets: Alan Richardson, Pat Ann Sly, Henry Fricke, Carola Hays; Stage: Allan Inglis, Guy Jonas, Bob Reinhardt, Henry Fox; Decorations: Gordon Schoewe, Pat Otis, Pat McCargar, Nancy Hoak, Elizabeth McGee; Lights: Frank Bennett, Bill Poorman; Chairs: Olin Tisdale, Stanley Miller, Bob Biskie, Ray Hoag, June Gibson; Music: Stan Skillicorn ('44), LeRoy Hale ('45), Faith Idso ('46), Rosalee Smith ('47); Lyrics: Stan Skillicorn ('44), Margaret Pemberton ('44), LeRoy Hale ('45), Charles Strong ('46), Freshman Class ('47)