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Glee 1959

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51th annual Glee
Glee 1959 was dedicated to Daniel H. Schulze.
The winning class of Glee 1959 was the Sophomores (class of 1961) with the winning song “This Must Be Oregon”; Second Place - Seniors (class of 1959) Song: South Sea Holiday; Third Place - Juniors (class of 1960) Song: Humidity Dity; Fourth Place - Freshmen (class of 1962) Song: Ode to Jason
Manager: Stu Hall; Executives: Hugh Stites, Bonnie Scott, Sylvia Takeuchi, Barbara Henken; Program: Suellen Stanley, Maggie Hanna, Judy Elliott, Fran Farley, Bitsy McCready; Publicity: Jack Withers, Harry Coolidge, Marilyn Sparks, Chary Chanda, Tom Ihrig, Judy Mills, Bob Seeger, Terry Schuhat; Tickets: Pete Kremer, Gail Walton, Bonnie Dugdale, Sherry Dickerson, Mary Knott, Larry Snyder, Gary Warden; Stage: Lyle Green, Doug Austin, Ted Alexander, Don Bryan, Dave Cammarano, John Cooper, John Kreis, Carl Dwight, Ray Graber, Bob Heryford, Rod Shadock, Myran Stensrud, Steve Williamson, Larry Wilson; Formation: Larry Willingham ('59), Ron Walker ('60), Tony Meeker ('61), Ray Allen ('62); Class Song Leaders: Gail Boden ('59), Sonja Peterson ('60), Jerry Darby ('61), Pat Avery ('62); Backdrop: Chris Schurr, Jon Wollander, Karen Hillman, Janee Dumond, Chris Franz, Judy Miettunen, Dick Nelson, Ginny Palmer, Chris Ryer, Jan Thomas, Lois Van Loben Sels, Ron Williams, Martha Wynd; Decorations: Ray Honerlah, Lee Dietz, Carl Dwight, Judy Hanson, Linda Matson, Karen Smith, Suzanne Smullin; Lights: Allan Stevens, Sid McAulay, Dick Green, Stan Sather; Entertainment: Dick Barton, Diane Brown, Peggy Cowan, Penny Duerr, Neil Goldschmidt, Marian Hauke; Souvenirs: Marcia Ruby, Mike Estcourt, Bob Bishop, Mike Foster, Nancy Gray, Anne Petrie, Penny Post; Records: Dave Haugeberg, Phil Thom, Bob Burrow, Charles Darby, Marcia Erwin, Nicky Fox, Andie Hunnell, Bill Shupe, Herb Stover; Music: Dave Landis ('59), Gene Parrett ('59), Sonja Peterson ('60), Joan Barber ('61), Keith Taylor ('61), Dave Ackerman ('62), Pat Avery ('62), Gary Frame ('62); Lyrics: Sandi Harris ('59), Margaret Lowe ('59), Chuck Foster ('60), Ralph Litchfield ('60), Maureen Avery ('61), Terry Boyd ('61), Diane Dickson ('61), Marian Hauke ('62)