Class of 1933 Reunion - group photo on the steps of Lausanne Hall

dc.coverage.spatialUnited States--Oregon--Marion--Salem,
dc.coverage.spatialUnited States--Oregon--Marion--Willamette University,
dc.descriptionRow 1: Roth, Marcelle Demytt; Armstrong, Philip; Edmundson, Fred; Crothers, Hazel Snyder; Cameron, Barney; Marcy, Dorothy Rose; Clark, Donald; Moore, Gus; Row 2: Robertson, Katherine Earle; Rose, Lucille Flanary; Rose, Harold; Crow, Louisa Sidwell; Crow, Melvin; McLennan, John; McLennan, Beulah Cramer; McMinimee, Esther; Shay, Bertah "Pete" Babcock Shay; Campbell, Carolyn Brown; Shay, Vern; Row 3: Franz, Rufus; Bushnell, Frances Jackson; Dashney, Caroyl Braden; Smart, Richard; Smart, Harriet Adams; Nelson, John; Hammon, Helen Boardman; Koehler, George; Richards, Virginia Durkee; Hamman, Gilbert; Row 4: Gould, Leland; Margosian, Frances Laws; Carlson, Victor; Hood, Brenda Savage; Rounds, Edwin; Rounds, Roberta Riggs; Lewis, Pauline Livesay Lewis (with umbrella); Gordon, Bernice Rickman; Row 5: Thompson, Matthew; Lewis, Margaret Baird; Whitelaw, Alvis Love; Morgan, Marjorie O'Dell; Barnett, Elizabeth Clement;(2 [5x7] and 2 [7 ½ x 8] copies)
dc.descriptionBlack and White
dc.formatpositives (photographs)
dc.identifier.otherWP 1038, Box 9
dc.relation.ispartofWillamette University Archives
dc.relation.ispartofCampus Photographs
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dc.subjectAlumni-Class Reunions
dc.subjectWomen's College - Lausanne Hall
dc.titleClass of 1933 Reunion - group photo on the steps of Lausanne Hall