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Tayler Howard Illustration Thesis Fall 2018

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Eneres is a fantasy world filled with magic, mystery, and adventure. The two main powers of the region—Sennorah and Tangor—are locked in a cold war, and the rural island of Yumah is caught in the middle. This Narrative Art Book follows the lives of the people affected by the conflict, including a naive young girl, a brave ex-warrior, and a tireless soldier determined to pacify and educate the surrounding region.

The lives of Siph, a former Tangorian warrior named Nadiyya and tireless military captain Elith are on a collision course that will forever change the course of their lives and make them question everything they thought they knew.

My project simultaneously exists as an illustrated book, a short story, and a pitch bible. I use the term “Narrative Art Book” to try to contain those different ideas. My illustrations are accompanied by narrative text in a book format. The project also exists as an exploration of worldbuilding, as I built the fictional world of Eneres from scratch.

This project is a 52-page Narrative Art Book with 4000 words of text. It includes 36 pages of narrative and 6 pages of concept work, and is geared towards a Young Adult audience. The book is broken up into four chunks, beginning with Elith. Siph’s section follows, and then Nadiyya’s. The the fourth chunk morphs the story as Nadiyya begins to follow a strange feeling, which ultimately leads her to find and rescue Siph.