Understanding the Need for and the Efficiency of Bridge Programs Introduction

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Willamette Academy (WA) is a college access program on Willamette University's campus that provides various resources to students from underrepresented communities. My research focuses on the impact this program has had on its former students' college experience. This allows an examination of the efficacy of bridge programs in providing their students tools, not only to get in college, but also to be successful in college. In order to investigate this, WA alumni who enrolled in Willamette University, Western Oregon University, and/or Chemeketa Community College were interviewed, and asked to share their experience while in the program and their experience as college students. This research is still in its preliminary stage of data analysis. But with the data gathered, I hope to compare and contrast the students' experiences by institution type to evaluate the preparation students gained from their participation at the academy; and the obstacles they faced, if any, at each of these institutions.



bridge program, students of color