The English dictionarie: or, An interpreter of hard English words
dc.descriptionEnabling as well ladies and gentlewomen, young scholars, clerkes, merchants; as also strangers of any nation, to the understanding of the more difficult authours already printed in our language, and the more speedie attaining of an elegant perfection of the English tongue, both in reading, speaking, and writing.; London, Printed by A.M. for T.W. and are to be sold by Andrew Crooke, at the Green-Dragon in S. Pauls Church-yard; The 8th ed., rev. and enl.; 335 unnumbered pages 15 cm
dc.description.abstractEnabling as well ladies and gentlewomen, young scholars, clerkes, merchants; as also strangers of any nation, to the understanding ... of the English tongue, both in reading, speaking, and writing.
dc.formatrare books
dc.language.isoENG English
dc.relation.ispartofWillamette University Archives
dc.rightsSee for more information.
dc.titleThe English dictionarie: or, An interpreter of hard English words
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local.mastercopyE L - E N master: RareBooks2/pg_214.tif
local.mastercopyE N - E V master: RareBooks2/pg_215.tif
local.mastercopyE X - F A master: RareBooks2/pg_216.tif
local.mastercopyF A master: RareBooks2/pg_217.tif
local.mastercopyF E - F I master: RareBooks2/pg_218.tif
local.mastercopyF I - F L master: RareBooks2/pg_219.tif
local.mastercopyF L - F O master: RareBooks2/pg_220.tif
local.mastercopyF O master: RareBooks2/pg_221.tif
local.mastercopyF R - G A master: RareBooks2/pg_222.tif
local.mastercopyG A - G E master: RareBooks2/pg_223.tif
local.mastercopyG I - G O master: RareBooks2/pg_224.tif
local.mastercopyG O master: RareBooks2/pg_225.tif
local.mastercopyG R - G U master: RareBooks2/pg_226.tif
local.mastercopyH A master: RareBooks2/pg_227.tif
local.mastercopyH A - H E master: RareBooks2/pg_228.tif
local.mastercopyH E - H I master: RareBooks2/pg_229.tif
local.mastercopyH O master: RareBooks2/pg_230.tif
local.mastercopyH V - J A master: RareBooks2/pg_231.tif
local.mastercopyI N - I R master: RareBooks2/pg_232.tif
local.mastercopyJ O - J V master: RareBooks2/pg_233.tif
local.mastercopyK E - K I master: RareBooks2/pg_234.tif
local.mastercopyK N - L A master: RareBooks2/pg_235.tif
local.mastercopyL A - L E master: RareBooks2/pg_236.tif
local.mastercopyL E - L I master: RareBooks2/pg_237.tif
local.mastercopyL I master: RareBooks2/pg_238.tif
local.mastercopyL O - L U master: RareBooks2/pg_239.tif
local.mastercopyA master: RareBooks2/pg_240.tif
local.mastercopyM E master: RareBooks2/pg_241.tif
local.mastercopyM I - M O master: RareBooks2/pg_242.tif
local.mastercopyM O - M V master: RareBooks2/pg_243.tif
local.mastercopyN A - N E master: RareBooks2/pg_244.tif
local.mastercopyN O - O A master: RareBooks2/pg_245.tif
local.mastercopyO F - O V master: RareBooks2/pg_246.tif
local.mastercopyP A master: RareBooks2/pg_247.tif
local.mastercopyP A - P E master: RareBooks2/pg_248.tif
local.mastercopyP I - P L master: RareBooks2/pg_249.tif
local.mastercopyP L - P O master: RareBooks2/pg_250.tif
local.mastercopyP O - P R master: RareBooks2/pg_251.tif
local.mastercopyP R master: RareBooks2/pg_252.tif
local.mastercopyP R - P V master: RareBooks2/pg_253.tif
local.mastercopyQ U - R A master: RareBooks2/pg_254.tif
local.mastercopyR A - R E master: RareBooks2/pg_255.tif
local.mastercopyR E master: RareBooks2/pg_256.tif
local.mastercopyR E master: RareBooks2/pg_257.tif
local.mastercopyR I - R O master: RareBooks2/pg_258.tif
local.mastercopyR V - S A master: RareBooks2/pg_259.tif
local.mastercopyS C - S E master: RareBooks2/pg_260.tif
local.mastercopyS E master: RareBooks2/pg_261.tif
local.mastercopyS E - S H master: RareBooks2/pg_262.tif
local.mastercopyS H master: RareBooks2/pg_263.tif
local.mastercopyS H - S I master: RareBooks2/pg_264.tif
local.mastercopyS L - S M master: RareBooks2/pg_265.tif
local.mastercopyS O - S P master: RareBooks2/pg_266.tif
local.mastercopyS P - S T master: RareBooks2/pg_267.tif
local.mastercopyS P - S T master: RareBooks2/pg_268.tif
local.mastercopyS T - S U master: RareBooks2/pg_269.tif
local.mastercopyS T - S V master: RareBooks2/pg_270.tif
local.mastercopyS V - S W master: RareBooks2/pg_271.tif
local.mastercopyT A - T E master: RareBooks2/pg_272.tif
local.mastercopyT A - T E master: RareBooks2/pg_273.tif
local.mastercopyT H master: RareBooks2/pg_274.tif
local.mastercopyT H - T I master: RareBooks2/pg_275.tif
local.mastercopyT O - T R master: RareBooks2/pg_276.tif
local.mastercopyT U - V A master: RareBooks2/pg_277.tif
local.mastercopyV I - V N master: RareBooks2/pg_278.tif
local.mastercopyV N master: RareBooks2/pg_279.tif
local.mastercopyV O - W A master: RareBooks2/pg_280.tif
local.mastercopyW A master: RareBooks2/pg_281.tif
local.mastercopyW E - W H master: RareBooks2/pg_282.tif
local.mastercopyW I master: RareBooks2/pg_283.tif
local.mastercopyW O - Y Z master: RareBooks2/pg_284.tif
local.mastercopyW R master: RareBooks2/pg_285.tif
local.mastercopyW R - Y E master: RareBooks2/pg_286.tif
local.mastercopyThird Part. Of Beasts. master: RareBooks2/pg_287.tif
local.mastercopyOf Beasts. master: RareBooks2/pg_288.tif
local.mastercopyOf Beasts. Of Birds. master: RareBooks2/pg_289.tif
local.mastercopyOf Birds. master: RareBooks2/pg_290.tif
local.mastercopyOf Birds. Of Boyes. master: RareBooks2/pg_291.tif
local.mastercopyOf Cities. Devils. master: RareBooks2/pg_292.tif
local.mastercopyDevils. Dogs. Fayries. master: RareBooks2/pg_293.tif
local.mastercopyFishes master: RareBooks2/pg_294.tif
local.mastercopyFishes master: RareBooks2/pg_295.tif
local.mastercopyFlyes Furies. Giants. Gods. master: RareBooks2/pg_296.tif
local.mastercopyGods. master: RareBooks2/pg_297.tif
local.mastercopyGods. master: RareBooks2/pg_298.tif
local.mastercopyGoddesses. master: RareBooks2/pg_299.tif
local.mastercopyGoddesses. The three Graces. master: RareBooks2/pg_300.tif
local.mastercopyThe Three Graces. Hawks. Herbs. master: RareBooks2/pg_301.tif
local.mastercopyHesperides. Hils, Mountains. master: RareBooks2/pg_302.tif
local.mastercopyHorses. Iles. master: RareBooks2/pg_303.tif
local.mastercopyMaids. master: RareBooks2/pg_304.tif
local.mastercopyMaids. master: RareBooks2/pg_305.tif
local.mastercopyCaptains. master: RareBooks2/pg_306.tif
local.mastercopyCaptains. master: RareBooks2/pg_307.tif
local.mastercopyCaptains. Emperours. master: RareBooks2/pg_308.tif
local.mastercopyEmperours. Kings. master: RareBooks2/pg_309.tif
local.mastercopyKings. master: RareBooks2/pg_310.tif
local.mastercopyTyrants. Man deformed. master: RareBooks2/pg_311.tif
local.mastercopyMeneloquent. Flatterers. Foolish men. master: RareBooks2/pg_312.tif
local.mastercopyCarvers. Men vext. Inventors. master: RareBooks2/pg_313.tif
local.mastercopyInventers. master: RareBooks2/pg_314.tif
local.mastercopyJudges in Hell. Guttons. Musicians. master: RareBooks2/pg_315.tif
local.mastercopyPainters. Philosophers. master: RareBooks2/pg_316.tif
local.mastercopyPhilosophers master: RareBooks2/pg_317.tif
local.mastercopyPhysitians. Poets. master: RareBooks2/pg_318.tif
local.mastercopySoothsayers. Theeves. master: RareBooks2/pg_319.tif
local.mastercopyWrastler. Men of Sundry qualities. master: RareBooks2/pg_320.tif
local.mastercopyMen of Sundry qualities. master: RareBooks2/pg_321.tif
local.mastercopyMen of Sundry qualities. master: RareBooks2/pg_322.tif
local.mastercopySyrens. Monsters. master: RareBooks2/pg_323.tif
local.mastercopyNine Muses. Nymphs. master: RareBooks2/pg_324.tif
local.mastercopyPeople of Sundry qualities. master: RareBooks2/pg_325.tif
local.mastercopyPeople of Sundry qualities. master: RareBooks2/pg_326.tif
local.mastercopyPeople of Sundry qualities. master: RareBooks2/pg_327.tif
local.mastercopyPeople of Sundry qualities. Serpents. master: RareBooks2/pg_328.tif
local.mastercopySerpents. The Seven Starres. master: RareBooks2/pg_329.tif
local.mastercopyStones. master: RareBooks2/pg_330.tif
local.mastercopyStones. master: RareBooks2/pg_331.tif
local.mastercopyStones. master: RareBooks2/pg_332.tif
local.mastercopyTowns Trees. master: RareBooks2/pg_333.tif
local.mastercopyTrees. master: RareBooks2/pg_334.tif
local.mastercopyWells and Rivers. master: RareBooks2/pg_335.tif
local.mastercopyWells and Rivers. Women Shamlesse. master: RareBooks2/pg_336.tif
local.mastercopyWomen transformed. Women Chaste. master: RareBooks2/pg_337.tif
local.mastercopyQueens and queans. master: RareBooks2/pg_338.tif
local.mastercopyLoving Women. Warrelike Women. master: RareBooks2/pg_339.tif
local.mastercopyWarlike Women. master: RareBooks2/pg_340.tif
local.mastercopyWomen of Sundry qualitites. Woods. master: RareBooks2/pg_341.tif
local.mastercopyBlank master: RareBooks2/pg_342.tif
local.mastercopyBlank master: RareBooks2/pg_343.tif
local.mastercopyBlank master: RareBooks2/pg_344.tif
local.mastercopyInside Back Cover master: RareBooks2/pg_345.tif
local.mastercopyBack Cover master: RareBooks2/pg_346.tif