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Selections from the Hallie Ford Museum of Art’s permanent collection of over 9,000 culturally and historically diverse artworks. See the museum's complete Online Collections Database for more from the museum collections.

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  • The American art collection at the museum is comprised of works that represent a wide variety of genres, media, and time periods.
  • The museum’s collection of art works from the ancient world, including Egyptian funerary objects, statuettes of Egyptian gods, Etruscan bucchero pottery, Greek black figure pottery, and Roman glass.
  • The Hallie Ford Museum of Art has a collection of approximately 250 works of Asian art.
  • The prints in this collection were selected from the Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts print archive.
  • The museum’s permanent collection of European art contains a group of nineteenth-century landscapes by artists associated with the French Barbizon School and other works.
  • The Hallie Ford Museum of Art has a strong collection of both traditional and fine art by Native American artists.
  • The museum’s largest collecting focus is on art created in the American Northwest with an emphasis on the Pacific Northwest.