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Rathayatra festival procession

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This painting portrays an elephant-drawn chariot bearing three Hindu religious icons in a yearly festival known as Rathayatra, literally "Chariot Procession." The most famous celebration is held at the eastern Indian city of Puri, and often attracts millions of pilgrims. During the festival, images of three deities are transported in chariots around the city, allowing darshan, or "beholding," both of the deities by the people and, it is believed, of the believers by the deities.The three deities are Jagannath (a form of Krishna), the dark-faced figure on the right, his brother Baladeva, the white-faced figure on the left, and their sister Subhadra, the smaller central figure. Paintings in the Rajasthani style use flat, abstract forms, rich ornamentation, and bold, primary colors.