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Wyit View

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Edition 16 This overlap of iconography gains complexity in his colorful prints. In a lithograph printed at Crow's Shadow Institute in 2003 colorful mountain designs are layered with cul-de-sacs on the Indian reservation. Wyit View in Cayuse translates to basically Valley View. By merging his cultural background as a Native American with a modernist sensibility, Feddersen's imagery addresses the memory of place through abstraction drawn from geometric indigenous basket designs interwoven with his original patterns. His contemporary symbols reflect urban life: chain link fences, bricks, parking lot lines, a cul-de-sac, and so on. The meaning of this print changed from a celebration of a now cancelled building project on the Umatilla reservation ( because of sighting of ancestral remains) to a reminder of the integrity and respect for the ancestors of the tribes. This came at a high cost to the tribes through the loss of federal funding, but their actions tell the world where their priorities lie. They chose not to disturb the remains and refunded the money. This is a beautiful thing and worthy of acknowledgement. -Joe Feddersen