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Repeated Phrase #2

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Hallie Ford Museum of Art



Repeated Phrase #2 is an excellent example of Morris's earlier figurative work, in which human forms begin to undergo poetic and expressive abstraction
Carl Morris was a major Oregon modernist well known beginning in the 1950s for his abstract paintings based on the patterns and forces of nature. "Repeated Phrase #2" is an excellent example of his earlier figurative work, in which human forms undergo poetic, expressive abstraction. Morris grew up in California and taught for a time at the San Francisco Art Institute. In 1938, he was hired by the Federal Art Project to found an arts center in Spokane, Washington, and later headed a similar project in Seattle. During his years in Washington he met artists there who would become part of the "Northwest School:" Guy Anderson, Morris Graves, Kenneth Callahan, and Mark Tobey. Morris is often linked with these artists in discussions of mid-century Pacific Northwest art. Morris and his wife Hilda Deutsch Morris, a sculptor, settled in Portland in 1941 and established themselves as prominent figures on the Oregon art scene.


Abstract paintings, Abstract works, Conversation, Men, Oil paintings, Women