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Mother and Child

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Frederic Littman began his studies in Budapest during the 1920s, and then continued them in Paris, where he was a student of Aristide Maillol. In 1940, he left Europe as a refugee and came to Portland, where he spent the rest of his art career. Known for his lyric figural studies, he said that his interest was ""the human form . . . with a respect for life."" He collaborated with the architect Pietro Belluschi, integrating bas-relief sculpture into a variety of building projects, including the Marion County Courthouse in Salem and the Collins Science Center on the Willamette University campus, where Littman's relief portrait of Truman Wesley Collins is located. Littman was an influential teacher, with the sculptor and printmaker Manuel Izquierdo among his students at the Museum Art School. He also taught at Reed College and Portland State University.