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Untitled, from "The Dance Series"

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3 bands of blue each with a series of blue and red abstract figures on a line; middle band of figures is upside down; line is punctuated by small swirls (with a large swirl at upper right; cream colored circular forms behind the blue band. Print 1/1.
Crow's Shadow Master Printer, Frank Janzen, described the content in the following way: The print is a narrative; a sort of creation story that depicts the cycle of life. It is based on stories from Yup'ik culture and reads right to left on the top band; left to right on the middle band; and right to left on the bottom band. The swirling yellow symbol behind the bands is the artist's creation symbol. It was drawn free-hand. The figures and other marks were drawn using a wooden story knife that belonged to the artist's aunt. The hatch marks along the top and bottom edges of the bands represent footprints, or the passage of time.