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Yamhill Block-house - from The Old Days In and Near Salem, Oregon

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Fowler made the wood engravings and wrote an accompanying text as her MFA project at University of Oregon. The project was published in 1940 and again, using the original cherry wood blocks, in 1969( printed in 1969 by Wilbur Shook, Newberg, Oregon). According to the artist, ""After almost 30 years, the engraving blocks had not all survived in equal condition. Nevertheless, I found a printer, W. Shook, Newberg, who had the interest and patience to deal with the problems at hand. Some blocks had pulled apart at the glued seams [and] had to be keyed-in when printed. However, since such evidence of age appears to be in keeping with the subject, they were left."" From series: ""The Old Days: In and near Salem"", 5th image in portfolio. Restrike 1969 by permission of artist. Printed by William Shook of Newberg, Oregon.