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Road of the Brave

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Hallie Ford Museum of Art



Nelson Sandgren was a long-time art professor at Oregon State University in Corvallis, where he continues to live and paint. Born in Manitoba, Canada, he grew up in Chicago and Portland, Oregon. He studied art at the Institute of Design in Chicago and then attended the University of Oregon, where he earned his B.A. (1943) and M.F.A (1948) degrees. His teachers include David McCosh and Andrew McDuffie Vincent, whose works are also on display in this gallery, as well as Jack Wilkinson. For Sandgren, "The object world represents a magical and engrossing randomness which is a delight to order and reorder in values, color, and line." "Road of the Brave", which combines the artist's love of landscape with the color contrasts and compositional turbulence of German Expressionist painting, is one of a collection of works by Sandgren recently acquired by the Hallie Ford Museum with funds donated by Portland artist Stephan Soihl.


Abstract paintings, Abstract works, Buildings, Hills, Landscape paintings, Landscapes (Representations), Oil paintings, Paintings, Roads, Trees