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Your road shall be rocky but you walk not alone

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Label copy from 2004 Print Study Gallery; The drawing depicts a service being conducted for soldiers in the Philippines by Father Regan. ""About this man,"" Hall wrote in 1950, ""there was a perspective of eternity: saying the last rites for the dead, blessing soldiers going into battle with the morning sun, all were acts of mercy and love that brought to my eyes and heart the imponderable something called God. Before no other man have I ever felt the aura of God so strongly as I did before Father Regan."" Father Regan apparently also served on Okinawa. ""On Okinawa, God and Father Regan were severely tried,"" Hall said. Father Regan is referred to as ""Father Ryan"" in Hall's essay The Broken Urn. Inscription on the bottom reads, ""Your road shall be rocky but you walk not alone"". Dec 44, Philipines