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Manuel Izquierdo, who arrived in Portland in 1942 as a teenaged refugee from wartime Europe, established himself as a leading Oregon sculptor and printmaker in a career spanning six decades. Particularly noted for his welded metal forms, he also created sculpture in cast metal, wood, stone, and ceramic. As a printmaker, he specialized in woodcuts. Izquierdo was born in a working-class barrio in Madrid, the oldest of three children of an artisan family. During World War II, with the support of the American Friends Service Committee, he and his siblings immigrated to Portland. Izquierdo enrolled at the Museum Art School, where he studied sculpture with Frederic Littman and printmaking with William Givler and Louis Bunce. He completed the program at the school in 1951 and took a teaching position there. He retired in 1997 after forty-six years on the faculty. The Hallie Ford Museum will stage a retrospective exhibition of Izquierdo's work in 2013.