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Portrait of a Woman

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Hallie Ford Museum of Art



Marie Craig taught art at Willamette University for 22 years beginning in 1886, the year she painted this portrait. She studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Philidelphia School of Design before she began teaching at Willamette. According to Robert Gatke in "Chronicles of Willamette", "It was largely a case of the University recognizing and accrediting the work of a private teacher who depended on the tuition received for her remuneration." One of her private students in the early years of the 20th century was Melville Wire whose work is displayed in this gallery. Craig herself was known for her portraits and occasional landscapes. She left Willamette in 1908, apparently amid controversy over marrying a much younger student, Frank LeGall. As Marie Craig LeGall and "Madame LeGall," she taught art lessons in Salem for the rest of her life.


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