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The Noon Recess

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This print was published in Harper's Weekly on page 549, June 28, 1873. The poem on p. 550 of Harper's Weekly (verso of print) reads: The Noon Recess Yes, hide your little tear-stained face Behind that well-thumbed book, my boy; Your troubled thoughts are all intent Upon the game your mates enjoy, While you this recess hour must spend On study bench without a friend. Ah, well! There's one grand lesson yet O'er which your tears must e'en be shed; The problems of this changeful life Have puzzled many a wiser head Than yours may prove, my little man; So cling to sunshine while you can. Ah! Weary one, whose brain is filled With tiresome sounds the livelong day, E'en now your heart doth half incline To let the captive out to play; For yonder someone waits for you: Shall love, or duty, find you true?