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Hallie Ford Museum of Art



Ruth Grover, a fifth generation Oregonian, was born in Portland and grew up in Detroit, Michigan. She studied at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and later, like Carl Hall, with Carlos Lopez in Detroit. She settled in Wecoma in modern day Lincoln City on the Oregon coast in 1940 (later moving to roads end, where she still lives) and was active, with Maude Walling Wanker, in establishing the Lincoln City Art Center. In 1952, Grover established Cascade Artists, a cooperative that organized exhibitions of the members' work that traveled to community art centers up and down the coast, throughout Western Oregon, and in Idaho, Washington, and California. A watercolorist, Grover in the 1960s became interested in the ancient medium of encaustic, in which pigments are combined with wax, first popularized in this country by the painter Karl Zerbe. For Grover, encaustic is a medium of abstract pattern, whereas her watercolors tend to be representational scenes.


Abstract paintings, Abstract works, Landscape paintings, Landscapes (Representations), Leaves, Paintings, Tree limbs, Trees