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local.transcription· MOijI)I.LY, _, MARCH _9. '." ~-l ,7 Seniors Juhiors S6ph;omores ~ Freshmen ~ Seniors J~.ors Sophomores Freshmen 6:30 Seniors to Juniors 9=30 Sophomores Freshmen TUESDAY. MARCH 10 12-1 Seniors Juniors So.phomores Freshmen 4-5 Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen SUPPLEMENT TO, FRESl:[tv'"AN GLEE PRACTICE SCHEDULE Fa 145 w Doney-2 places '1--'S9YAmE Auditorium Baxter ~~Chi Beta ,Waller 1 and 2 FA 145 w Doney-2 places SAE Auditorium Baxter Sigma Chi Phi Delt Gym Waller 1 and 2 Lausanne-2 places Gym FA 145 w Doney-2 places SAE Waller 1 and 2 Sigma Chi Phi Delt Auditorium Lausanne-2 place Baxter FA 145 w Doney-2 places SAE Auditorium Baxter ;;;igma Chi Beta Waller 1 and 2 Lausanne-2 places Gym Gym l,valler 2 DoneY-2 places SAE ,ValleI' 1 Beta Phi Dalt Auditorium Lausanne-2 places Baxter 6:30 to 9:30 12-1 4- 4:40 5:20 to 7:)0 Seniors Juniors Sc>phomores Freshmen j, ,l} Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen FA 145 w Doney-2'p1aces SAE Gym Auditorium Baxter Beta Ph1:'Delt Waller 1 and 2 'Lausanne-2 places Auditoriuni Doney ... 2,p1aces Eaton 20 FA 145 w Baxter J~Chi Phi De1t Gym Waller 1 and 2 Lausanne-2 places FA 145 w Doney-2 places Phi Delt Gym Auditorium Baxter Sigma Chi Beta Waller 1 and ~'2 Lausanne-2 places Auditorium Baxter Sigma Chi SAE lfJaller 1 and 2 Lausanne-2 places FA 145 w DoneY-2 places Beta Gym Decemeer 18, 1958 Stu Hall called the first glee meeting to order in the Library Seminary Room. Introductions were in order although most of the people were acquainted with each other. Stu explained the necessity of having co-chairmen, ani in s(llle cases two assistant chairmen, even though he formerly had been opposed to such an arrangement. The approximate da te of Glee is set at Jlarch 14, 1959. Stu asked the canmittee chairmen to plan the four thin,s over the Christ­mas holiday: 1. Tentative budget 2. Approximate deadlines of the committee 3. Possible membership 4. People the Committee will have to contact. The &eneral glee metinee will be held once everr two weeks, untU after finals. !\fter this time the glee meetines will probably be held once a week. At every meeting attendance 'Will be taken. The Chairman and Assistant Chairman of each committee must be present or a substitute attendtn,. After much discussion a time for our meetings was decided upon--Wed., 6:30 - 7::30, and alternate time-Thurs., 31:30 - 4:30. The meetin, was then adjourned. ---------------- Respectfu1l7 submitted Bonnie Scott SecretaI7 Pro-tem .~! .' Januar;y 7, 1959 The meeting was opened lIith a report from Dick on the progress of the entertainment committee. EntertaiaD.em. must be given for the l5-minute period eetween the presentation of the class songs and the announcement of the 1ti.nner. Dick asked the councils opinion of brilllini in outside entertaiment. The council unanimousll agreed. that further information (such as monel) was necessary be£ore allY definite deciBion could be reached. Stu urced the chairmen to talk to the chairmen ot the 1958 Glee to become l::ettered oriented with glee. Stu stated that the planning ot glee mould be accomplished before finals, so after finals the execution of these various plans would be the goal. By the next meeting the chairmen are requested to have a list of tenta­tive deadlines and a list ot __ bers for the committee. Stu will m.eet with the chairmen indi vicilally to select the membership or the committees. . It the next meeting the council will be srown slides of last year's glee. Also Dale Danials, Glee Manager of 1958, lIill be present at the meeting. Stu will also try to have the rules of last years glee so they oan be reviewed and revised if necessary. The revisions must be made soon to facilitate the publishing ot them. Lee Dietz's suggestion of iool uding the second and third plaoe classes was discussed-nothing definite was arrived at. , Last year the shoo Ung of slides was a fiop--a large sum of money was wasted. The council voted not to make any slides ·this year. Our motto this year--"We will have a balanced budget J" Before spend­ing any money please go to Hugh and get a purchase order so he can. help keep glee wi thin the allocation given to glee. Also, chairmen, turn in budgets next week. Stu asked for questions and was bombarded with: 1. COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP-They will be announced very soon. The meetings Stu has planned with the individual chairmen is for this problem. Stu will be checking tor duplication. 2. GLEE TITLE--None this year. 3. JUDGES--The mo, what etc. was discussed. Most of this rests with the executive council. 4. PURCllASE ORDERS--Very similar to requisitions. 5. STUDY HOURS ... -For meetings other than Wed. it will be up to the individual chairmen to arrange for the girls getting out. 6. SCRAPBOOK--Barb will give ita theme and add artistic touches am lilatever else she wants to do to make more interesting. 7. lIJ!JfBERSHIP OF COMMITTEES--These members will consist of the "executive planners "-there should be more than this handful to execute the plans--they can be chosen even later. 8. PIANOS--this will be brought up later (Hugh is in obarget. (Jan 7, 1959 cont.) Pro-recording and pro-taping used last year was very effective and reduced the chances of failure. Questions raised were answered by Davets rep:>rt on the Record Committee. Last year too many records were ordered, so this year aoout 350 will be ordered. Aprox. cost apiece is 508 and the selling price is $.1..25. Next meeting some ot the previous records will be brought so the council can hear them. Stu announced Terry Shuchat as the official photographer for glee. He has stated he does n' t want to develop his photos. Bob Bishop and Jerry ~A1lister were suggested as "developers." Lyle reported on the progress made by the Stage Crew. Since renting chairs are too expensive a mass collection will be necessary to obtain a sufficient number. Chairs are necessary for four nights-­so the places that will loan them are limited. Karen reported at least 35 girls are needed as ushers. Several will have to remain at the doors during the progran so ti was suggested to borrow high school girls. This way the ushers could participate in glee. The budget estimate of the ticket camnittee is $24. Pete said the tickets will be in six dic1'ferent colors designating the various sections of the gym. He is fixing a seating chart for the gym. There was a discussion as to distribution of these tickets. Decorations w ill not exceed $12. Work will be completed not later than three days before glee. Discussion tbllowed on the judges I placement and the faculties' stipulation--KEEP GLEE CLEAN 1 Chris told us of her plans for making the backdrop aM the Ilethods used last year. The extima ted cost is $20 am allY new and different ideas will be welcaned with open arms. As for publicity, two TV stations publicized. glee last year aM Jack has hopes they will do the same this year. The Honeibears milht participate in publicity stunts. Last year at least one big station in every city publicized glee and the same wUl be done this year. ~ilyn Sparks is working on the newspapers and letters are being sent to big nationwide magazines. Jack also is writing to Mr. Walt Disney to suggest cartoons based. on the history of glee. Stu reminded Jack that radio coverage is necessar,y for the challenge assembly. The program committee will have three or four ideas printed and then bring them to the councll for approval. The budget is estimated at $115. Sponsorship was discussed--it seems as that has been outla~ this year. Materials and developing will be the only cost of the souvenirs committee. The souvenirs will be distributed wi. th the collegian on the following Friday. Marcia suggested using colors in the souvenirs to make them more attractive. Stu reminded everyone of ... meetings ani Hugh ended the long meeting with the budget estimates for the various committees. The meeting was adjourned at 8:0C. Respectfully subt1i tted.ll ~/~"~ SY{via Takeuchi, Recording Secretary .. January 13, 1959 EXECUTIVE IvJl!:ETING .. The first executive meeting was called to order at 5 p.m. Judges for the 51st Glee was discussed. These judges' identity will not be reveiled to the 2tudent body and also all judges must be approved by the executive council. Presentation judges are the only ones required to attend glee. Stu explained to the executive cou~cil the tentative schedule for meetings for the general council. (Weekly in Waller 20 from 6:30-8:30 on Wed. evenings.) Sylvia sends out reminders to the chairmen and assistant chairmen. The Committees are submitting typed progress reports to reduce some of the work of the secretaries. Also the chairmen could sign the report and have it placed in the glee scrapb~ok--makes it real official looking and neat. It ~as sugge ted that the various turn in their song (all 7 c)pies) typed. Discuseion followed. Since this typing job will be very difficult, the matter was postponed until some time later ,."hen more inf,rmation could be shed on the subject. fhe foundation of all our lovely hopes for the 1959 Glee fell apart when ~illard announced Glee is allowed only $300 for expenses. Well, we have some cutting to do--approximately i700. Oh, well, what's $700? stu had been remindeo by the higher echelon that all publicity must be cleared through the publicity board. A juicy tidbit that will help publicity for glee and the efficiency of the Glee Council. The approaching dinne"broke up the meeting. '/t-iI-f,l/V Respectfully submitted, .t,~~~~ Sylvia 'rakeuchi Recording Secretary -r t. - January 14, 1959 The last meeting before finals was called to order by Stu. Committee reports were Idven and the following i a .short summary: LIlilrl'I.NG - The committee members have been c Gsen and every­thing else is all set (all except the special effects.) Also four of the best seats in the "Housel! is needed for the men loaning us the lights. PUBLICITY _ Let are just now beinrz: sent to grGups. Stu suggested each committee select someone to do the typing of the commi ttee reports and, in Jack·'s case, he could get someone to type these letters. Stu also stressed the impGrtance f ~eeping up ~ith the work-­don't let anything .slide. There is to be no "second chance!! to do a good job. C:Jme Ivlarchc14 everything will have to be ready--most of the .~ work in e must be done in advance of the week of glee. So, committee chairmen and assi tant chairmen, it is up to you to make glee a success. Stu ended by announc the budget of i300, there is to be no sponsorship on programs, and no outside entertainment and ushers are to be recruited. As he quoted, Glee is for 'v·,.U and they must run it," so we will. \'ell, back to more committee reports after the depression of Stu's announcements. PR0Gl-t1l.HS - 'r'he committee would aopreciate the early submi.:;sion of the songs and the printers ~ill be c ntacted to~orrow. ~he budget is set right not at $115. 0fAG~ C~h~ - Lyle talked to ~r. Sparks and was told that blue Monday is not to be ~eld in the gyn unles the President approves such action. Everything else is set until after finals. (Oh, Glee is to be l'larch 14 and the C allen,Te ll.s::emble ;'larcb 3.) TICAbf~ - Budget is set at >24. All plans are set and after finals Pete and com~ittee will start tne real ~ork. 6JUV~.I~~_ ~verything is re~dy for the rUB which will be about three weeks before ~lee. u011Ei{S - l!~verything is coming along very well. BACKDHOP - Ideas are the only pr~~blem at the moment. ~~C0HDS - All plans are okay--just wait until finals now • .uale Danials, 19.58 Glee j',lanap:er, spa e to us and advised us on many areas. He also answered many oue~ti0ns t~e cnairmen had. He brought some slides w~ich we saw--they were very helpful in completing the picture we had in our minds :)f "Glee. 1t The meeting was adJ,urned and the mellibers of the council will be notified of our next meeting--sometime after final~--if your secretary is around to notify you. Resgectfully submitted, ~4.twuW Sylvia Takeucbi decording ~ecretary · .. January 24, 1959 .ti;X1;CU'l'IVl<; CvUNCIL The executive council meet at 2 p.m. this afternoon. Stu reported that all the committees were ready to start carryingout their various duties after finals. The bud~et is coming along fine, at least so far. The council okayed the names of some judges. Also the Glee for 1959 still has not~dedecated to anyone--that has to be done very soon ... ,tll The idea of switching Chapel and Convocation so the Challenge Assembly could be held March 5 was discussed. The possibility of an assembly on Monday was also considered. Stu will check into both to see if it would be possible--then the Challen~e Assembly will be close in time :to Glee itself and will keep the ,5:piri thigh. There were some corrections to be made in he rules from the 1958 Glee which are as follows: Formation will be turned in March 2, at 5 p.m. F'eb. the words must be turned in. I,jarch 6 the participants names must be submitted. Narch 10 the final list of participants must be in. i'larch 9 practices start. The changes were okayed by the executive council. Sylvia will type ~ 100 copies (mimeo) and have them ready after semister break. Glee bets are supposed to be over on Blue Monday at noon. There was much discussion about this stipulation and Stu will investigate further. The meeting was then adjourned. Respectfully subnitted, ~(Ju;(.U~ Sylvia 'rakeuchi riecording Secretary y. February 11, 1959 The meeting was called to order and roll was taken after a slight delay in securing a room. The budgets should be turned into Hugh as soon as possible. The executive council would like to draw up the real budget at the next meeting. The dedecation of glee has been under discussion for some time. People who have been suggested are: Dr. Trueb10od, Dean Ewalt, and Dr. Schultz. The entire glee committee unanimously chose Dr. Trueblood. This decision will be brought up in executive council. The challenge assembly is scheduled for March 3. Committee repJrts were given and are attached. Most committees have not yet started to carry out their plans, but by next meeting they had expected to be "reorganized" and ontheir way. The Usher committee was the only one having real difficulty-­seems as though all freshman girls want to participate in the glee and consequently don't want to usher. stu reminded the committee chairmen to turn in their typed rep~rts to Taki both for last meeting and this next coming one. No other business--so we adjourned. Respect~ully submitted, ~~ Sylvia Takeuchi Recording Secretary ... \ ... , ..... --...., February 12, 1959 E~ECUTIV~ COUNCIL The executive meeting was called to order and the members were notified they had all been "okayed." The executive council consists of: Mr. Whippel, Willard Bunny, Dean Bisoprick, John Bergstron, Roy Chapin, Stu, Hugh, Barb, Bonnie and myself. Stu reported on the progress of the committees. 3tu told the council of the usher committees problem. John corrected our error-­only two girls are really necessary to stand !!guard ll at the doors s'o all the ushers but these two can participate in glee. Mr. ~hippel suggested having colored signs corresponding to the colored tickets to make seating the audience a little easier. Glee will officially start at 8 p.m. and the classes will be told to be ready to march in at 7:45. The discussion of a benefactor of the dedecation of e was once more taken up. The Council was told of the committees choice of Dr. Trueblook--more discussion followed. Mrs. Mable Lockwood, the oldest living W. U. alum was su:gested--she would tie in the Cent'nnial with Glee. More discussion. Hugh gave the budget estimate, which is $876. All totaled glee will receive only $300 for expenses. Bad news, Hugn, cut it ~500. A discussion followee on ll.'ays to br the budget down. We lowered it about $5. he indiviciuals will be asked for a breakLown of their expenses sJ~the next executive meeting can be spent g over the details. The nejt meeting will also take up Blue Monday and the practice scnedule. The penalization code, challenge as?embly, and the letters to the judges will also be discussed. The meeting was adjourned until next week. Respectfully submitted, ~~LuuJ(~ Sylvia Takeuchi Recording 0ecretary .~ .. .' .. February 18, 1959 Stu called the meeting to order and roll was taken. The greatest difficulty we have at present is the que tion of whether or not the backdrop, tickets and programs are going to be alike. Last meeting it was decided they would all follow the "modern!! theme, and now all have new versions. A discussion followed ~hich was interupted by the record comrdttees report, which t help us reach a decision. Their budget is set at $246. The more important matter was that of the cover--a vote decided it would be modern with an abstract design. (Also it was cheaper than a~ of the others) Tickets ,",ere then decided to be modern. The programs are as yet unknown. Other reports are: j!;I~fr.u;RTAIl~i;lli;NT - The only difficulty is findinf~ Bcr writers. All else is fine. TICK6TS - The gym has been recharted and in this process many seats have been lost. Also Pete was tole that ushers were to be on duty during the entire preformance, something that we bad been told contrary to previously. Stu is going to check up and straighten this out. PUBLICITY - It is doubtful whet:~er the challenge assembly will be broadcasted, but KPZY will for sure carry Qlee. The announcer has requested the seats directly across from the present position of the sports announcer in the balcony. Pete's question as to the allotment of tickets will be taken up by the executive council which topes to straighten the matter. Hugh explained the procedure one must go through fQr a requisi­tion. (Be .sure to place the amount, item, and place of purcha';e on the slip--have Hr. Whipple sign the white and pink copies) A requisi­tion should be taken out about two days early to allow for the delay "red tape" takes. The dedecation of the glee was taken up n. The executive council haA not approved anyone yet. Some sugge ts from the committee are: Dr.l'rueblook, writer of the "Old Historic 'refnple. oldest alum, class of 1859, and Dr. Schultze. The committee did not express any preference. Stu read the names of the various cowmittee members so the chairmen could verify the names. Stu also stressed the importance of keeping up *ith the work of the committees. Glee is not far away and is approaching very rapidly. The meeting was adjourned. Respectfully submitted, ~~ Sylvia Takeuchi Recording Secretary February 19, 1959 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The executive glee committee was called to order. The glee rules were discussed and a few corrections made on the mimeo. copies. The allotment of tickets was discussed. This year 475 tickets will be distributed to faculty, alums, etc. The budget cut was discussed and Hugh proposed a budget which was accepted by the council. Stu presented the penelization c0de for the classes and this was also passed as presented. (This code is for the classes that miss deadlines and do not follow the rules.) The executive council decided on Dr. Schultz as benefactor of the dedecation of the 1959 Glee. The next meeting will be devoted to working out a practice schedule. With this ahead (and work week for the boys) the council was adjourned. Respectfully submitted, ~~di-- Sylvia Takeuchi. Recording Secretary February 25, 1959 Stu reminded us--only three more weeks before glee. Practice starts March 7--so committee heads, get going if work is not already started. The reports for this week: TICKE'fS -Pete has got the gym charted ,)U t .I'here will be 1,479 seats,and 480 more 'on the ~ain floor for the participants. Tickets won't be printed until ;"ed., the only truble the committee has run into. l\;i:~'llERTAIl ... I"Jj!a~'r - Dick said entertainment w mId last minutes and be divided into two acts--the first is complete and the second is in the process of completion. SOUVENIRS - All pictures that can be taken have been. Bob Bishop is doing the photography and Penny Post the little charicatures which dec.Jrate the folder. 11arcia reported that tbe 'committee was running into n0 difficulty at all. PROGRAi"iS - A compr'mise has finally been reached in the drawing for the cover. Everyt is now smooth sailing. BACKDROP - Jon repJrted that paper will be :)btained tomorrow and work will be started sonn. DECORATIONS - Everything is coming al.Jng fine--no touble at all. USHi!.:RS - Every thin'" is coming along' fine but Karen is in need of the seating chart Pete has. Tomorrow all will be straightened out when she gets the chart. RECJRDS - All in the hands :.)f the printers now. PUBLICITY - Newspaper coverage has been t ~en care of now. Nothing else being pertinent at the moment the meet was adjourned. Respectfully submittea, Sylvia Takeuchi Recording Secretary February 26, 1959 J:.;XECUTIVl:!; COUNCIL The executive meeting was called to order by Stu. Immediately the discussion on when glee practices sho~ld start, March 7 being the suggested date, commenced. The challenge assemble was discussed. Marching in is hoped to be shortened and as previously done each class will sing two paradies. Stu will submit the ticket rules to Student Council very soon-­his secretaries are still typing it. The changing of the 'Word "music" to "melody line" in the glee rules was again discussed and agin no decision was reached. As some class song writers' names appeared on the c,)pies of the music penalties were discussed. In addition to these subjects, the tickets were discussed. Mr. Whippelalso expressed his desire to have the names of the various judges (presentation) and the number of the seats they are getting. Also he would like a c 'py of the budget. Mr. WhippiH also told t he Council to inform the presentation judges that they are expected March 14 at 7: in Mr. Sparks affice in the gym. With no more business, the meeting: was adjourned. Respectfully submitted, ~~~ Sylvia Takeuchi Recording 0ecretary , J.. ,,,',,'~-,--------- March 4, 1959 Stu called the meeting to Jrder. Pete ann~unced that the tickets were all ready. Pub Lici ty was discussed. 'I'he usher committee is in desperate need of boys--that is to help. Please try to get the males out. The Programs are ready to be printed but hey need the order of the evenings program. This will be attended to by tomorrow. The backdr'p committee's w:Jrk begins this weekend. 'rhey're all ready and willing to hit the brushes. Dick reported that the entirtainment was ready and he read excerpts from the first act which sounded very g'Jd. Dick will be at the executive meeting tomorrow night to present this material to the advisors. The stage crew is ready but there is still the problem of trucks--one lost resort might make it imperative to fJent them. Records are coming along fine. The Publicity is coming along fine. Hugh will spend the eveniftg at the side of the announcer to help him and to explain Glee. The dec/ration C'mmittee decided not to place anything mh the risers--there will be the backdrop. Blue Honday is scheduled for March 16. The losing class will clean up the campus following Blue Monday. Blue Monday will be held in the gym providing it is kept under control. All messy stunts must be performed outside. Phil is to be in charge of Fett the plastic sheets :)n which thes' messy bets will be paid off. Stu instructed Jack to put some publicity on Blue M3nday and that it should be in "good taste", and also on the way the tickets are be distributed. Dr. Schultz has been notified today of his honor and Stu asked his secretaries to send a note of c,ngratulations, etc. Barb asked for the typed c )mmittee rep~rts. Pictures were discussed and at what time each would be taken. ~u~h now has a balanced budget at U800. ~ith no m,re business the meeting was adjourned. Respectfully submitted, ~~~~ Sylvia Takeuchi March 11. 1959 The last meeting l:efore glee was called to order.,. Stu. The Record Committee reported a little dif'f'iculty in volume sales-the other members of the Glee Committees were urged to push the sales of the glee records. Programs, all 2,200, will be ready tomorrow afternoon. Lyle is pla1ll1ing on using a pick-up truck to assist in returning the chairs--this method will not only save time but money also. There will be 473 chairs for the participants. Lyle also needs a 60' drop-cord very badly-he asked anyone who might have one in his hip-pocket or purse to contact him atter the meeting. Hugh and Lyle have been designated chairmen of cleaning up the gym atter glee. (not only is Lyle in desperate search of light cords but the Lighting Committee is too--they also asked for the committee's help in spotting any loose extension cords) There was no representative from the Decorations Committee to hear the good news--their budget has been cut--again. The Souvenirs Committee has submitted the first two pages of the pamphlet to the publishers already, and the next five are getting there. Pete had a little trouble with the dis­tribution of the tickets--the partiCipants are contented, but the non­participants feel that they are entitled to more tickets. The glee committee backed Pete unanimously in the manner in which he was distributing the tickets and will try to explain to as many unsatisfied students the "why' S". (Pete also gave notice to the committee that to all large males who were unsatisf'ied. he was out of tolltll) The Usher Committee still needs four males--other than this lacking, everything is ready for the big day. Jack announced that KBZY Radio Station will be handling the radio portion of Glee. .Mr. Chuck Ruud will handle the press releases. The Backdrop Committee plans to put the backdrop up the Saturday of Glee. This way it seemed less likely that anyone would put an arm or head through it. The entertainment that we were fortunate to hear last week has been can­celled. (That·s show business) Disk assured the committee that the re­placement will be every bil, if not better, than the original. Untll some time after vacation when the next meeting will be called to straighten out the 1eft-ofer details, Stu adjourned the committee. Here's hoping everytbing goes well March 14, only three short days away. Respectfully submitted, Sylvia Takeuchi Recording Secretary March 26, 19~9 ~. Here we are again-Stu's shining face calling the meeting to order. Dave is still having trouble selling the glee record. He pleaded for help from the other members of the committee in pushing the record. (Yes, yes, we're coming Uncle Dave) Mter this sorrowful pleading, Barb followed with a plead. to the chairmen to submit to her their typed committee reports so we can have a scrap book. Stu brought up the matter of ordering the banners for the winning class. (This should be done right after glee to enable the banners to get back to W. U. before the end of the school year. Having a little trouble finding the address this was not done til JIOnths later. A letter was finally submitted to the Acme Emblem Company whose address is located in the Memiograph Office. Only active participants receive these momentos and the company is instructed to send the bill to Mr. Whipple who pays for them. This all being done late in the year, the banners arrived a few days before finals commenced. A few 'Words to the future glee commi ttees--send for the banners right after glee.) Stu expressed his sincere hope that all committee heads and assistand heads would take time next year to help the glee committees out. He reminded us of our vague and uncertain position many months ago and urged everyone to be as helpfUl as possible. So with this final word to the members of the 1959 Glee Committee, Stu adjourned the last meeting. The 1959 Glee was a success--even if the class of '62 came in fourth. ~he lighting, backdrop, souvenirs, programs, tickets, publicity, etc were excellent. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed Glee this year more than any other year, eapecially the Glee Committee. All the work they put into the event helped make the evening a success. So the minutes of tbe1959 Glee closes, to take its place on the self, obsecure and dusty, with the others. Glee, to ~e forgotten until 1960 when once again a green group of freshmen will go through the same trials and tribulations of presenting a glee. Then they will sit back and admire their work and be both happy and proud, too. And Glee to them will be the same to them as it now is to us--a vague memory. A memory which will never fade--a memory of the beautiful Willamette tradition which awakens the campus and the students. Respectfully submitted, Sylvia Takeuchi Glee Recording Secretary \. INCOME: Student Body Reoords *M:ay Weekend EiO?ENDITURES : Souvenirs Deoore"tions Progrems Reoords Lighting Baokdrop Tiokets Pianos Pub1ioity Seoretaries Misoellaneous FRESHMAN GLEE BUOOET TENTATIVE. SUGGESTED $280.00 375.00 §o.oo $6 5.00 $135.00 15.00 140.00 210.00 5.00 20.00 20.00 80.00 10.00 20.00 ~O.OO i6 5.00 INCOME: Student Body Records EiO?ENDITURES: Souvenirs Deoorations Programs Records Lighting Baokdrop Tiokets Pianos Secretaries Miscellaneous AOTUAL INCOME: Student Body Records l'1ay Weekend EXPENDITURES: Souvenirs Deoorations Programs Reoords Lighting Baokdrop Tickets Pianos Publioity Secretaries }<1isoellaneous i280.00 350.00 ~0.00 16 0.00 $104.50 5.71 146.00 214.00 5.00 15.31 16.75 147.88 5.97 ------ $660.00 $711.12 i711.12 - 51.12 $125.00 10.00 75.00 200.00 5.00 25.00 18.00 60.00 10.00 20 •00 1578.00 $592.50 * A surplus in the May Weekend budget was given to Glee to help ba1anoe the budget. *i. 250 records at $1.25 eaCh RespeotfO'l~~y .s~mltted' ~~~ . Hugh Stites, J • Assistant Glee 1clanap:er" 195~ FRES:fWLAN GLEE BUDGET This year's Freshman Glee budget was a failure as have been all other Glee budgets. The Glee budget is no different than any other budget. In order to make it balance there are only two alternatives--increase revenue or decrease expendi­tures. Since an increase in revenue is hi&~ly improbable, there is only one alternative left--decrease expenditures. The sug­gestions I am going to make may seem a little drastic, but I don't believe the University can afford to support Gleee if it continues in its traditional manner. Therefore, I would like to take each committee individually and discuss its budget. SOUVENIRS: The 1959 souvenir committee spent $104.50. There was no charge for film in this budget, and I doubt if that \1ill be a precedent. Therefore, I suggest a ~125.00 budget for the souvenir committee. DECORATIONS: There is no reason why the decoration committee can't operate on a budget of $10.00. In fact $5.00 would prob­ably be sufficient. PROGRM~S: If anyone has ever walked into the gym after Glee they probably saw programs scattered allover the floor. It is for this reason that I suggest programs be limited one to a couple. Since most of the people attending Glee are couples, I think this would work out adequately. In addition to this, it would cut in half the number of programs, and consequently cut the budget in half. Therefore, I recommend $75.00 for the pro­gram committee. RECORDS: It is practically impossible to sell over 300 Glee records so I think 300 is a good number to order. A $200.00 budget should cover the cost of the records. LIGHTING: Same as last year. Can't get a spot for less than $5.00. BAOKDROP: The backdrop is an important part of Glee, and I think they should have enough money to put up an attractive backdrop. The com;~ittee should find no trouble operating on a $25.00 budget TICKETS: There's not much one can do to cut the cost of tickets so I recommend $18.00 for the ticket committee. PIANOS: This is my sore spot, and you'll pardon me if I get carried away. We spent an unprecedented $147.88 on pianos last year. And the sad part about it is, we got two bargains--one in getting both pianos free and second in the tuning. Had we not obtained these, it is no telling how much we would have spent on pianos. The tradition surrounding Glee is a hard nut to crack, but I \'Tould like to see someone do it by doing avlay with one of the pianos. I suggest the music school piano be the only piano used. This would cut dovm on renting another piano, tuning, and most of all transportation. There is ~o reason why one concert grand wouldn't be adequate, and I therefore heartily suggest the 1960 Glee Committee take this into consideration. audget--$60.00. PUBLICITY: As far as I'm concerned, the publicity committee is worthless. Tickets aren't available for purchase so why have a publicity committee. I say do away ... lith it. ENTERTAnn<[ENT: School talent used so no need for a budget. USHERS: No need for a budget. STAGE CREW: No need for a budget. SECRETARIES--GLEE MANAGER: Usually money is provided under this budget for a white dinner jacket for the Glee Manager Glee night. However, it is not impossible to borrO'\v a \vhi te dinner jacket; and therefore, the suggested budget is $10.00. MISCELLANEOUS: $50.00 should cover any outside expenses and also any budgets that happen to run over. It \-lill be up to the Assistant Glee £.ianager to see that the committee chairmen stay as close \vi thin their budgets as possible. This concludes my suggestions for your budget. I hope you w:i.ll be able to work out a satisfactory budget, and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me. Respectfully submitted, ~L~A~$l. Hugh Stites, Jr. Assistant Glee Hanager, 1959 Glee Judges Presentation Robert Voigt 3e8.trice Hliss John G. Perry Mrs. Howard Miller "{ords Dr. Helen Pe:::trce iv1iss Fay [parks Mrs. Forest Lemm Music Mis F Nona :Pyron Richard McGlin1ic Dean Melvin Geist Penalization Code 1. Five percent of the total points for either words or music will be deducted if either of the above mentioned are turned in late; also if formation in its entirety is not suhmittsd on time five percent of its total points will be deducted. 2. If the formation submitted to the Glee Manager is not followed during the nerformance, pointr will be deducted. The number of points to je deducted will be decided UDan by t~e executive cam~ittee. 3. j?en.q.lty \'lill c.)e in:fJ' cte,: if t'-e lh:t.f of p,;.rticiDR~ i clqf2 mem~er8 are not 8u~mitte~ on time. T~e number point:..: ae~ain will be deter'ninec by t:-le Executive Committee. 4. Five percent of t total points for either words or music will be deducted if either of the above are not followed as fu:,mi tted. Regina Ewalt Dean of Women Willamette University Salem, Oregon Dear Dean Ewalt; Willamette University Salem, O,regon March 2, 1959 Freshman Glee evening. is one of the big evenings in the life of a Willamette student. You have recognized this in the ~a8t by extending the closing hours for the women. This I believe has been a very nice custom and has been greatly appreciated by the women. I would like to ask that t~e hours be extended again this year: till 2:00 A.M. for the winning class and 1:00 A.M. for the three losing classes. Two o'clocks would enable the winning class to serenaae the Ii vine: organizations. The date of Glee is l-Tarch 14th. I would appreciate your approval of the extended hours. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Jcf/J/,T f'1) Stuart Hall Freshman Glee Manager 1959 Freshman Glee I I :Cl:JrJ:lj 'sO;fc.:-i::::Jo:$:o :l .0-s0~(,:f.: ) :.f' ; : .(~~0.0c: 1 + : c) ro~> r~~',00:n(:::i:fl )Oo00\J.-l sO ':i: 10o!((:1ff: j )-)J- 3 ~ ' I0.0~(:::f-:E :)(0 ' ; f 'O;(f'X(-f):ifJ))o d:H '$J'CC(i'OdfOOI0i)o \O0.\~).sI. "\-0( :0' f~ r:~Cff)n-OcJo- Job1o-"3 ' ''~(~tif:i)1 .IO.(9I-~C .1-f J'C) l~1(-9fI:-+f+J:-- o)f'' ;~1I.•f8.'--. -Ji.:o.'': Name: Barbara Henken, Glee SecretariT Date: l~larch r; I qr;o ~, ~ - Reason for interview: I WOlJ]d like to the girls who will be attending practices to wear pedal pushers early morning practices o ask your permiss10n for early morning Glee and or slacks to the SUI1iIIiary, ~_ 6:tJ-(J a·~ /. Action J: r .. t,,~ .. March 10, 1959 Dear Freshman Professor; We the freshmen miss your shining faces. We need aid in runn~ng through our paces. vIe practice indeed many times a day. Our goal--to march and sing, and then make hay. The freshmen class does plan to win this Glee. Come join in the fun and we'll have a spree. Honest and true we need you profs, we do. We're lost without you profs, what will we do? Sincerely, The Class of 1962 P.s. See you at the next practice. ~ili ll~rrette ;.'niveri ty Sf: I:cis Gr,8'JT Gepart, ent of .~~ic 0~e on :t~~8 ~o e~e Def',r Jill mette Dniv8rityl~ four c Rlen, to'}ari 101 "'1te in our ~m'lu41 c (mC -! t Fre~: ,11 Glee:. 'i.he "pre en.t!)tlon .J_. t;"8P2 on , 1?5° C ..... n t ~ ~-" t , f on9" on ~turdsy evenin~ ~~rch n 1J ~P"~ t~ fifty- ret year o t~ Freqt tradition. the ot r t~re8 cl~~ e R :~n( wrttinF contect. is :l98r t\'8 or5..~·i:l'tl1tlor·d::., iJU iC, onc 1)1"e e:ltstion "lre ')"l ed on t>'e tr~e.:le nnveltv. or t~, t"e conte::t, 1.''1c1:,''l 'Jrefen-t;:: 1,t ion, '~l"t :),1"": practlcin~' tts lon~ ~ ~· .. ·r)ent in ~,rr~,";l in~~, c f'or:l1:::ttionr:: • ,'i n:~', "',nd C'\{'0GUCt i a vi ctory )'L1ner. J:<::ac h c1 it: ,4ud;;~'ec: on mu,ic, \"0 :, ~DC' .Ie 1;w;)le.3 1 ~ v':-';r:'l'ucr) to "r~v 'JU hel'" ,i1Jc1 '2. t i:~ cont :, t. 'Viill you be ODe of ()l t' ree juc:;;'e' '~~ ,":.1; 1e? '-'our tl~ne ~1c_~ t 'T.~ould cer1' be !l ,-~ )l~ C '*L ~,t eo.. ~[ie '1111 ic of t :.. e i\) 1 '~c C E:' .. E '/lr4_11 ~Je tc yo:) ·)~t }~e"~:~:J .r:l ~?r-7t1- • .J. eS6 .:.:h'uld be jud 1l1i~ r"' tte":'!':, ~.Y1(1 I>I;·1.rchll th. "/,18 i~T. ~,rt "1t d ~~ 6 ?nci Fe reel clcco1"dinr't () t:~,-"" inrtr ct'i,"DE ent ~~eiurned to ',,'J.ll;' tt ~~Div ",tty ~,)Y red'1eed l"y, vrould 'J, ~i1" ci '3t von1" f' to :reE:t 1 ": not -:3';le t er,ri.ce, '':lJt, 1,°\:8 ~::[~f i 1 ,:) C 1~'r~ e, ')orj, "JU1CS. Ie re '2. 0 + 11C 'l/"N ;""01.1, 6!}cl0 eo c-"r,:, '.~!betY:- nr'll;>t \\T:?, ~:;::t )~,~.,~~\ e10 ~ 0 1('('2}' ','0, F t tbiE f't:v-f'l1":=t wi .'1 t\~·o ie';' t, t(, ~'~. 1 I l~ '1 ' 1. "": t >, e "·n v()ur h;:c' Y). 'The L1 it Dear Dr. Srr::i, th; The four classes have f:lven me t>~e :::--1'PY'antee +;. '11 Hw,t .:II;· bets of al] kindS, luding ose in~JolviEg antrr.als, 1f,11J be (' off ir m&rk~d-area on the P.E. field en ue Wend losing class and u freshman 01 commi will Cl.t tY"e o.oor's of tre gyri: to 1nsure t"'at no "messy" objects will allowed in t}e '"e 8J'E- all "ror-kin;:;,' of 8 Glee. Stuart Hall FreshPl&:n Glee v S1.JcceS3 FRESHMAN GLEE REPORT 1958-59 The office of Freshman Glee Manager can be summed up in word--ORGANIZATION'. The Glee r·ianager must organize from the start of Glee preparations in November until the actual presentation in the early spring. If you organize well, then the office is not extremely difficult or complicated; however, remember that even the best of us make mistakes so keep your chin up and encourage your fellow 'Iwrkers. The people you "rill be working with, both faculty and students., will be outstanding individuals and deserving all consideration that is possible. The office itself is well worth the efforts you put into it. Below is the approximate schedule I followed, but, of course, I cannot add all of the minor points in this report. F'or this reason I would like to stress that is you have any questions please feel free to come and ask se. I,mnediately afte:e bein~' elected you shoulc5, first of all, try to find out all about Glee, if yOl" have not done so ':)efore t:::,-is ti:ne. Then, you must l.)egin '\v1 th t'1e most import"'"nt job, that of selecting committee chairmen. I posted a sign-up sheet i~ each living organization the week after I was elected. The purpose of this list was for inte~ested people to declare their inte "est in Glee. You would do 1,'1e11 to publicize this list'>y means of Collegian an..f"lOUnCements, general announcements, and by word of mouth. The students v,ri 1:1 s 1::n un which they are interested. Leave this list up for at least three days, then from the completed list of about 250 signatures you must select your eleven committe chairmen. This, of course, is a big job, but here are some helpful hints: (l)Meet with someone from each living organization and try to find out something about each applicant and his experience. (2) Grade the candidates,.fair or excellent chairman, or fair or excelJent member. (3 )Try to meet and talk with the cand.idates wh')Tll you consider excellent prospects. And (4) Make your decisions on qualifications, but keep in mind the abi1i ty- of each perE'on to work with people. After you have selected your committe chairmen, call a general meeting to acouaint each of them with Glee. At this meeting you should encourage the chairmen as much as possible because they have agree. t de:11 of \'lork ahead of them and their success determines the success of Freshman Glee. Their firc,t JOG is to select committee members. '1'0 aid them in this task, you should give them a list of those '<Tho signed up for a chairmanship but '",Teren I t selected as chairmen. Thus, the committee chairmen are assured of a selection of interested committee members. one I I found a very successful arrangement in selecting chairman and one assistant chairman for each committee, I so that { .I all clearly knew i'Tho was in charge. The chairr'lan assumed all responsibility and if serious trouble arose it was understood that the assistant chairman would be allowed to take over. If all went smoothly, the chairman and the assistant would work equally excepting for the measure of responsibility granted to the chairman. This year we had no trouble at all with the chair-man or the assistants. The secretaries should also be selected at the same time as the committee chairmen are selected. This year we used three secret~"cries and it worked very satisfactorily. they are a vital part of the Glee operations so they should be selected ,,,i th care. In planning and organizing Glee the Glee Manager l:lOrks vri th tp~ee factors: (1) The General Council which consists of \ the Glee Manager and Assistant Manager and the Glee Secretaries, (2) The Executive Glee Council, the student advisor group, (see 1959 Glee recommendations which are avai18,ble in the student body office or myself, Stu Hall), and (3) the Student Council, which approves all important issues such as Glee rules, etc. The Glee Manager vlill preside over the Executive Council and the General Glee Council. As far as the organization of Glee itself, you will find the methods in this scrapbook, and in the 1959 Glee recommendations, and from last year t s Glee vmrkers. Again, I would like to stress that if you have any ouestions ulease aontt hesitate to ask me. Scrapbooks from preceding years will also prove important "and helpful. i As an attack at the general or"ganization I would r,ecommend the following v!hich has been successful in the past. Durinp the months of November and December do some orif:inal , acquaint yourself with your job and the respon8ibi~/ties it entails , get to know the members of your do some ' , '.\."i . ---_._- general plkfining: In January have the committees prepare outlines of their future work including time schedules and a tentative and final budget, and have them make preliminary contacts with people whom they will be working with later. In U:;.is month of January I 'would suggest that you as iJlee Manager meet vii th each of these committees and be sure that they are on the right track. This second phase listed above should be done before the rush of first semester finals. Immediately after finals you must ..v.. back to \-fOrk 3,nc~ execute your plans. Here are a fevl more helnful suggestions. (1 ) Place your assistant ,,- iIolee ~1aYlager in charge of the budget. This takes a and also insures an adequate amount of time devoted to this very imnortant part of Glee. (2) ':"l1courage your vfOrkers. (3) Don't worry if you get a little behind schedule for if you keep working everyt~ing will work out. And, finally, (1+) Plcm far ahead eDd keep in close contact ,·Ii th your committees and all those connected with Glee. Good luck ane fun, but vfOrk hard. Respectfully submitted, Stu Ha~fd Freshmen Glee :Manager " , 1 EM 4-4431 CAP I TAL PR E 5 5 7'~9 BILL HABERNICHT Fr. Glee Record Name ------- Address ------ City St. $1.25 No. ---- rCj f {~ f'0·Qz~ --- 270 COM'n-ST. N.E. SALEM, OREGON Freshman Glee Record Ticket This ticket is your receipt for the 19.59 Glee record. Do not lose it. You will need to present it when you receive your record. No. ---- ~ (' -Ad ~.Y11 ~ /i i ~ f29('orJO ("CJYf1/l1(ti,/e e j CU///&/lf'c--'j//e r! //1 /V P/:J; i7, oV a LV I K I; ,;;%/ ~ ~;;}'-~ ~&cL7 Q Q it' ,6 "~te VA c QO ~~ o/' Y77O'/Cv e /p~o/'ct C (// ~'8 il ,l~l t;;;'l()~ 't" p 0.( ~ , ~<C.'J i-1 ex) PC:;Cctrd To the 1960 Record Committee Plan ahead! This is tl~e thing you will need most to do. There are man~.r phases to :rour 1~or]{ \1hich ~rou probably did not realize. You will !'eed receipts for the records. Adverti and speechs in living organizations will help the difficult job of selling. It may be good to place COUDons 1'.'1 the TJrograms as we did U'is veer. Approx-imately fifteen records were sold in t~is Danner. Early CO!1tacts shotJld be 1"J1th "'our recordi·-g firrr:. ·!e w:-ed Conne 11;r Pecordi:t\f" Co. for our cor.:18ctio"" with the record cutti Ylg firm. 1'1'. Connelly was very helpful a1-,d €xpl£dned many things which ',,;e ,,';ere not familiar vd tho 2e also prever:ted us from m8.xe any serious miC'takes. e had adio station ;caZY record the actual ~ lee so~gs U:e nigy,t of glee. ila~:e 8Ul'e of your contacts anti that the;.' don I t fall tbrough. check on them. All of the things that ;I!OU Lave done far (,efore glee ,,!ill be a big: t.elp to you. A person on the cornmi ttee should be placed 8,8 head of sales Bnd a nersor in each livin[ or zation should have record cOUDons to sell records wit~. It is o~te~ a~vantafeous to sell records at V'e different class practices ard iv; Eetoll betweer. classes. 'fhi8 veer Cani tal Press !!!8.0e tlle record sleeves BY'd "au \<iill need someo,.,e sleeve. £ill Eaberricr.t, of Ceuital receints cerd COU1)OY'S rna:' be rur off il" the student bod~r office. Any help that "ou may Y1eed ,'ill be gladl;! pi ven by l!1;rself or my 8.ssista:nt chairma!:, Phil Thom. I am quite sure that 'cou \:ill have questions 80 do not hesitate to ask us for an? help or advice ;rou ma~T need. Above all, work ahead. Vou have a big job to do. Chairman of the record committee, REOeRDS The belol( signed patties hereby agree to the stipule.- I ' {' : l. eO"'-~c."'IV. tions"and agrpements contained in this ~ • . { , The 0riparty, 'Mr. Connelly. agreet'l to ~ke care of ! ' all aranget!ients ooncerning the taping. editing, and ctl~ting ," ~t:*,h\~s~ ,~~ r,~eords of Fresma~ Gt.e i~9. The recorda to ~J'~ Connelly' e, f~e. The total amount at 49iZ! wi,ll amount to t SI.Qt> $17t.. 5O. Half' of this amount shAll be 'P~dto Mt.~ Oonnelly ~ by the FreehmQn Glee before or on the d .. te ot ~arob. 14.195~ . !"",,,,""- .. " ..... and the balanap of' the waul ~r1oe or the' r~ainirig8\l1 amounting to ~ the total price of the record$ shall be 'Paid on receival of the records. The only stipulation being that we the IIeoord ,Committee may order more recorda in a reaeO!'lable lJUantlty'u!, to and il1cluding ~arch :?5. 1959 with all !'riees b('-ing the same as the orlgi~l order ~rioe. 'ci Q \ ~' • \ ". " signed, 'fro connellY.~ #./~ Record Committee Chairman, Dave H4ugeberg '::', .. " ., ~'.fi USHERS The usher committee is responsible for the seatin~ of the audience on Glee 'night. This committee is also to see that a section, which will be desi'<:nated b Mr. Jerry Whipple, is reserved for the President and his ~uedts. Besidas this apecial section, there are ai3.':>i~n8d sea Lo for ;1,,1'::::n t...;; ani friends of the Seniors, Juniors, Sop~omores and Freshmen. It is the duty of the ushers to see that everyone is conducted to his or her prouer section. It is necessary for this committee to work with the ticket commit· ae and t 118 decorcc tion comni ttee. The ticket chairman will be in char~e of dividin~ the ~ym into it's pro~e~ sections for se tin~. From this infor~ation the ushers will then know where to direct the audience. The ~ecoration comndttee ~ill make all the necessary signs for iir0ction and the ushers may distribute them. In order to ca ry out the dutie0 r~quirel, ap roximately 20 arJ n~~deJ. Pr~ferablv these should be ~irls who de not intend to uarticioate in Glee. Alon~ with these 20 , about 3 boys will be neel i to o~en ~indows before the perfor~ance be~ins. The chair~an of this committe9 5~ould a130 confer ~ith Hr. Sparks on t!:'le emer;ency exit3 ani fire re:sulatLonlii>. Co-chairmen, Donna Horn Karen Erb REPORT DECORATIONS COMl.',ITTEE 1959 Ray Honerlah - Chariman Lee Dietz - Assistant Karen Smith Judy Hansen Suzanne Smullin Gail vlalton Right after Christmas, we began planning the decorations for the 51st Glee. There are a number of basic things, such as the banners, signs, and usher tags which are used each year, Of these, the banners take by far the most work. We purchased an end-roll of newsprint from the Statesman and cut it lengthwise to make a banner for each balcony, each banner about 80 feet long. On one was written FRESID1AN GLEE 1959, while the other bore the two questions WHO WILL WIN? \iHO WILL SWIM? In coordination with the ticket committee, we provided Signs designating the entrances and seating sections in the gym. Since seats are at a minimu~, it is quite important that people get to the right place. We also made up small tags bearing the packdrop design which were used to identify the ushers. We decided to hang mobiles around the gym to accent the bac~drop. They were to be various triangles such as those on the back4rop. However, it became evident that if these were of any size great enough to be effective, we would incur the problem of obstructing vision from parts of the balcony. Therefore, the idea was dropped after considerable worlr had been done. Because of the relatively few decorations we finally used, our budget was quite low. Glee has an inherent problem of finances, so be careful of expenses. Vie did most of our worlr. on Saturday mornings on the fourth floor of Waller. Although it is somewhat dirty, there is conSiderable space and it is fairly quiet. The big push comes on Friday and Saturday immediately preceding Glee to get everything put up. > The decorations can be as fancy as you want to make them. A few ideas and some hard work are all you need. ~\:.,"sPt\\S\ ~Rfe.~ iC\,~ U\,,,c,. ~fC cta,,,£\lS) 'EO $ .5'"0 '3_~a .~~ i.OO S-_~ r; Lass \~I\t.l1t 11.~G I ~ ENTE:RTAINMENT COMMI TTEE FINAL REPORT The function of the ~tertainment Committee is to fill the period of time from the end of the last Glee song until the judge's r$ach :l deoision. Normally this lasts fron f:ift~(}n to thirty min".ltes but you should be prepared to go longer. This period 1s filled with tension, and the crowd is apt to be restless and nervous. The job of the ~ntertainment is to ease this tense situation, somewhat and to keep the audienoe occupied. Comedy skits are usually the best bet, although a stee.~y diet of them is not recomtll(?uded. and they should be different and possibly interspersed between some other type of entertainment 0 The time element is one of the most important factors in planning your anter­tainm~ nt. I found that I had guessed a little short on time e.nd as a result, was forced to ad-lib for several m1.nutos to fill in +..h ,e time that could have been fill­ed by another skit. Always plan more entertailOOnt than you need to give yourscl! a saftey factor. I fourd the hard way, that t.he st:'or-er you plan alld lino up yeur ent~rtainment the fewer worries a.nd heudachEHl you have later on. SO"":'6 of the people :'hat I f01Jnc. that gave ~ the most help, an~ c('1.,lld help other chairmen in years to acme I;\re.; Laurel Tiller, Rusty Beatct:.# Ress :::tephen tuld Keitll Failtr.orp. Thoy were £'\:.11 of ideas ax:d proved to be my main source of information in planning my en tierheinmBnt e.s far as ski ts wers conce med. ?erhaps if I had vi si ted Mr. Putnan of the DraIri8. iopt. I could have gotten some 3,chH. tiOLal help. Selecting my committee members proved to bo oO:lfusir~g. A$ a coniYm. tte~ we only met several times and could nover seem to get anythirAL; dene, possibly du'J to the fact that the girls outnumbered the boys. As a result my assistant. Diana Brown. and I did )\luch of the work that cculd be done by the COllU!'.i ttee i tselt. It turned " ,( t ~"'r' l :~r: .f " j '! • \" .. out that most ot the work of lining up entertainment and getting org&nized tell on my shoulders. This was my own decision but atterwe.rds 1 saw that I could have dele-gated many ot the tasks I did on my own, to other members of the oo~~ttee. The final result, Glee night, turned out with a skit involving Rusty Beaton and Al Zayala who did a oomic ro~tine of a Freshman trying to learn how to march onto the risers which went over very well. 1 round that in plannine; a skit that three elements are very important; (I) simplioity (2) appropriatness to the Glee (3) humorous-good old slapstick works every time. Combine these three and you will flnd that you haTe a good skit. To fill in the remaining p~~t of the program I decided to have a vocal group similar to the Kingston Trio, formed of local students, sing. Except ror the fact that I found that this did not take up quite enough time the entertainment went ott without a hitch. I round that I didn't need to spend any money because there just wasn't any need to do so, My advice to those who seek to plan the entertaiDlllent for Glee in the future is to plan ahead" utili 1iS your committee members and assistant,. and have a good time. If you do this,. then I prow~se you everything will run smoothly,. and your job will never seem to be a headache. Respecttully submittecJ., Dick Barton Entertainment Committee Chairman-1959 f FRESHMAN GLEE SOUVENIRS COI11MI'I'TEE REf'ORT It is the job of the Souvenire Committee to ort".,anize, design, print, JiEtribute the !;ictorial souvenir booklet of Freshman Glee. Don't be Jisc uraged, however, because the job isn't aE c icated as it e und , and it can be lots of fun and litTle fuss with organization. Your first responsibility as irrrwn will r't to choose your committee, and everything willow smoothly if you delegate specific jobs to each member. This ITl€EnF lte bother for you and everyone has a definite part in the 1 production of the booklet. The first th to jo is to contact the printers and contr&ct with them do the prjnti We followed the example 01 thE. P two ye; r!"" ~~cuvenirs com!llittee~ anl contracted to ve Your Town PresE in r: em do the job. However, we were a little unhElppy vlith t results as we felt that the actual printin~ job was rather or. The people werF nice to work vitti, however, Bni y~ur contact at Your 'I'own _ e SE iF er. They have ~H)LL 5(' for the 1 copies 01 the bet, tnt b00~llt beioe eiGht Jages in ler"l~th. IJ'his e includes 101d1 t lc:'>')klets oEly if you letter all f' Le&diilL~ in =Yldi& i y'Jurr=ElveE. If the printers are r6E~oLsible for ~r uti six headinss, the foljinL will te ~c. extrc:... At leE. , the r=€ are th e Try an 1 fib ke r.JDf you intc !I'OIE" :rkC ':'OU1 'TON~, ~'rE' €f,tjq1c,TC'1 that i t w~; u d cos t :; 8:. , E", + r F, t 0 U 5c' P t hE (~h e; e r. t !;. i , ,1 CJ! COl J wJ i.~vpeT. ;,ct [j,h 1 oUvenir ani p 8r.j~J ,-c;V P [ +'" le"d ..::,icture rE:pro':Ju,-.tion anyway: which i2 w~ t Ere after. I w~uJ~ ~ue_~st askinc fr ~ ther, Tjnters in ::":alern before decidi.n: ')r Your f1""'ll' ,'Fe ./ Souvenirs Committee Peport--Pagp 2 mi~ht be able to get a better deal. Next, you must line uJ your photogr~phers. It was very helpful this year to have someone on the co~mittee wr:o ctJUld do the actual d eve 1 OlJ j ng because y 'u lNj 11 t>e operatins on a tight schedule when you get down to setting up the dummy cOJ;)ies to be sent to the prj ntel's, and you will want to be in ClOSE contact with your photOGraphers and whomever is developing the pictures. I would sugLest usinc:., the members of thE: DarK. Room Staff from the t1Collegian" and Hallulah for your photolJaphers. See ~\erry Shuchat, particularly" abo Lit t):1·· s. Eave a cou;.'le 01' photol.raphers BO that you are assured complete covera~e of Glee nisht and Elue Mond8Y, 8neJ t-Len you will have a bood select ion of pictures from which tJ choose the ones you actuE'lly use. The Dark ROOll Ste' f1 '.Nil J ch8rge you only for the cost of the materials uEed in taking an~ developinE the picttnes, which ran to about 'fi30.0C this year. Set up a list of deadlines for yourself and stic~ to them; then you will h&v~ no last minute headaches. ~e set a deadline of the Friday prior to Glee Di~ht to have the three dummy ~b~es coverinG the Glee commitiees, pre-Glee activities, bn'] 2hClllen2:,e Asse,nbly iIl to t.he printers. The remainint five p&~es covErin~ the actu~l Glee night and Blue ~onday were due st 10:00 a.m. on the ~uesday folJowine :le~, the day afttr BlUE Monday. You can see the tisht squeeze in settin[ the pictures of Elue ;,ilonday developei Bnd on the dum!IlY on time. IT'he booklet wa'::: diftributuJ wiH tr;e "Colle:.).an" en the Friday follo\'lin~ 31ee. ~e GavE abort lCO copies oi thE boOkl(t to the "Collegian" to be lTlDile'J out to the 81ums with thejr c:o~)y of the ~&per. In adlition to there major deadlin8s, it really helpF to Fe+ 11iJ leailines for ~vO~HIV')rh &lJ thE way alone. For instance, we had dea41ines for havinL all the headings done, since WE lett erE] then] ourselves, etc. Rere's how th~ iobs were divided alliong the committee members. One girl acted as secretary, recordinB the proBresf /~" ... " J , ' :" Souvenirs Committee Report--Page:3 of the whole works so that I could type out this little report for you. She did all the little odd jobs of finding out information needed for the captions of the pictures, arran~ing appointments for the photographer to take c­tures of committees, etc., and just about any little things that carne up. We were fortunate to have a very talented artist on the committee, and she was in chart:.e of lettering the six major headings and drawing little cartoon charac­ters to liven up the pases a little. She was also in charGe of captions, though we all worked on writing them when the time came. One fellow handled the phot ephy and develoyinG, worki witb the other members of the Dark Roam Staff. He worked closely with t~e fourth member of the committee who was in charge of the lay-outE. I'd li~e to give you a few wordE on ~hE lay-outs. In case you are step~inL into this job without any previous expelience with )rjnting, as I did, you with lay-out paper. You will need rubber cement for lui thl"; ~j ctures to the dUITlf'lY, fin) the l:ichlTes sh .ull be C"ut to sj"ze wit}; 8 cIe&ver CJt+-er. Y 1 '.v;]: fjn'l c~ '''utter in t e ItCr)liegi811" office. Th8t of11ce bisn has a tYl)evvriter ?lith small. tYl,e IN1"::ch you Nill neE-j t.,) WE' +, t~.::)e +he carti E to the pictures. Fe surf that. +he typewritpr words to he vP~y clear. Also, f i~F rtu~ny cnpy on the l&y-ou~ ~ ere We fn u~ it very r:elpful tc l:,S€ t.he ttCnlle anti of ce t. -i., Ol,{T lay-out iE occupied by the staff 01 tbe pappr j r Our budget was as fol1ow~: ?yintiDc----------------------~lC~.50 Ptotographs------------------- 30. Mi scellaneous -lies--------__ 5. 5C TCTAL------------------- -----tI40.00 ~e actuslly didn't nee~ thp TO~~~' for miscel 1 aneouE articles. '!lell, that's about as much 8S I C8[1 tell YO:l, except that you are in for a lot of n1 hard work, too. s t 0 flu c k w j t k; Glee! \, t, ,: -~------"------------ STAGE CREW The Stage Crew itself does Illost of its 'dork the '.-leek before and day after Glee; h01-)'0'/er, thc::..'o is :nuch vior1: to be done by the manc.ger Lnd assistcnt :na:1ager :1..'1'. tho :-:J.onth :r;receeding Glc;c. The first thing to be done to contact Er. £i.lld the location .<;>f the floor COV8:ring, risers, and chair.s. Alsq, he ,,;rill show ;{OU h'J'i;l to Get theI~ u::::;. About t'VlO ,\Tec1~s be:01'e Glee ~~ou ~ . 10111':0. u'Jo(~ bcsoment of Hall. be neceGOC r:~ to }:c:;.ve J1e 0.1' c. me7:1be:L' of bofore Glee you ShOll~(: chec:: the floor coveri:n.~ better le~st to sc.:::t. t~!c ':~l: tl:c • ~ ("'< - • . \..)'. 7~1O fJ.001' J • v ,~..:... 160 The for: :atio~1 '\, . ~" The Sunday muStbE3 ,take~' do~;,an."':q~irS . ~ , . ~ "returned. This :may fG a big job if not handl-ed Pori~ct~.>"1-1e t'Jll'ned' .' ", ,!.. ;~ ~ .,~.'C{,,;·~ ~"':~''':~'')r <',,;: , }it into a class project, and receiifed permission tor.,'th.e' girls,'to wear " .' ,';,' ,; peddle pushers for the event. At least 100 Frosh. turned out and the job "rent sr:loothly. It l:i11 be necessary for a man .from the IT.aintenance department to unlock the buildings to return chairaso r s~;es:t that you use the schoolls truck. ,,':.;,i ".~v,i .. ~',«. The floor covering is left on the ~'Ili floor Until' after Jj1ue 1:1ond~y ,:Assemb1y. The cover must be vacuUIiled before it is 'rut ai~y. This should ·be· done the }~onday after Glee. "nlen all chairs are back and the gym is '. • J, 1- " cleaned up your job is over. About 12-16 men are :::rL1.:;:'ficient to help you out. I found the most effective Doans of obta:L."linc help is to ask three frOY;1 each of the five nenls livinC; or~c-n.izntions. Also, it may be necessar;y to stand ul'J in a class and ask for vollmteers. DATES TO RE:.Z:J3E:l: Eal~e initial contacts uith l:r. Spar::s o.nd the head custodial 0:18 month before Glee Select cOl:1"Tlittee one T:lonth before Glee FolIo'.: u~"' cont1:',cts 10 oo.;/s before Glee Set up cover, r::sers and ['.bout 200 chairs the Sat. before GJee Set up the rest of the chairs on the FricD;;- before Glee Tu':e rise.:::.'s and cr.airs dOiro ths Sunday after Glee After Blue r:ondc.~- ,- V3.CU~'-::: the floor cover c.~ld it c.Uf:..y Have fun for a job 1>lell done! l.yle Green, Chairna.l1 I, ~".", ~ .~ - I PROGRAMS COlvrMITTEE The job of maki and planning the Glee programs is not an enormous or terrifically time-consuming one, b it is definite a job where concrete decisions and plans must be made well in advance. Basid:ally the work amounts to this: contracti the printers; decidi the cover design, size, sh:::pe, t e of s t 0 c k for t he u r ; and collecting corty and re i proof. As soon as possible the chairman shoulQ chose his wor rs and meet with them to iron out a few thi and to acquaint them th their job. In choosing hii.3 committee, he ~ould do well to make certain t at least one Derson is well-versed in t wavs of printers and anot r has a good bac 1;;:ground in art. Also, it's ueuallv [ '.vh: e move to en the COITh"l.ittee limited to about five or six since r-bee no U C" h t 0 do and IT too ma ny coo Tl Because the mAjority of your deadlines will ,ienand on the nrinter and just how fast you can get your i orma-tion, it's rather diffiuclt to unscheduled meeti for your committee, but nevertheless, it's 1'1 good idea to attemrt to do this, so t~-1at e"'lch com;')itt8: ':1er:1')t'~r what's Q'oi one and w t is exrected of him. You 7il1 find thnt ~ost 0 t (rinters in tOV'ln are acquainted with Glee, and will be only too re dv to be of assistance. 'l'herefore take advantege of them ......... ~ their know19d~e. Both thR chairman a his assist8nt shou~d go together to me the Drinter;:3 and 2:st estimates. When you ~o. be sure end have in mind the tvpe of stock, number of rages, ki of a wor end numb r of programs vou will wa Als 0, i:f yon q: i vo them 2n i (19a 0 1;V 118 t your corners •.• this is esse ial, you ~ill find! Probably you will need to alloN t~o "eB~8 I' the act..!~y::l rrintiut?' job, so this mean.: th"t y,J:cthin£,-o: should be in to the rrinters wo ~ eks of' 8-198. t we:! 70U v/ill allow yourse S F 18 t L118 tor an DrOOl a c. As rs s allotme at jobs ~'s, ·.ve ,.i) ours e these .~C)bs: e c., ( .~..;.... I) ( , \ '., the other t 0 30D7S, i nt, (5) 11"· i t si ler, th3 l)ett'2r. L~ nossibl~ work i backdron or ecoTations. ~y~ S 8 ::1e color, s hF. , 8.Y } 8 i 'Jut it sho:} i LdL i ~i Po r in ''lith tb'3 ~9 t oroughly enjoyed ourselv8 ro- ~r~.ns, and kn~w tho' ~o will ~oo. GOD ' OY1 t t hesitate to cell unon ~ny of ~ y .~·i 9 C 0 Hlln itt e (} :n Q TS .r Respectfully SUbmitted, ~\'- ~tov\%~" '0 lj ~~\A' ~~, , ~', By tr:" letter mort of' Jantl8 printers, Jo on and Siewart, a our basic outlines. Mr. Johnson we d contracted ur d "nretty mue h d·;c i d sted that by February 13 we brin~ in our cover design, some copy, and be able to tell him th color s::;heme we wis d to llse. By t d of' he ill nth of Februarv (two wee am Glee) we had our copy, ineludi'ng the sOl1gS, in to the -rrinters. About three cti'''VS e re Glee we ·,'.'ere a e to pick:: up the pro to star t record in3srts. 195~ FRESRM.AN]LEE BACKURO:) COMMITTEE 'REPORT co-chairmen -,Chris Schurr. Jon Wollander -, and assistant chairman - Karen Hillman - were choosen. 'Ibe chairmen then choose the committe members froIll the sign up sheets. There were.:; boys ano 8 girls-(you may need more boys, as the flats are rather bulky.) Janee Dumond, Chris Franz. Judy Miettunen, Dick Nelson, Ginny Palmer, Chris Ryer, Jan Thonas, Lois Van Loben Sels, Ron Williams, Martha Wynd. (A small active committee is best.) Last year' s co-chairmen were contClc ted ano \'Je went throtl~h former Glee Scrap familiarize ourselves with the proper procedures. Pre limen;' ry :)lan5 and a tina ti Vl.; buc' ge t were mace. The flats were locoteu back stage. )anuary- f-1arch Jan. q- 'kneral me"ting. 'rie expl.ained whilt future plans were. Each member wa s aske" to work on designs and present them in a week. Jan. 16- l-ve narrowea uown the uesigns to 3 chcicc~. Jan. 21- \'Je decided on our final (.lesi;;n. Finals- Feb • .:;1- put ~)aper on the flats (bought from Thomas Kay Woolen Mills) ~eb. 27 -fire proofed paper: 9 parts w(:ter, 1 pert boric acid. 1 part boraxo (make at least 2 ~alions, C8n be out on with brushc~ or spone;es.) M; r. f- flat.::: were blocked out and the design :1U t on them. Mar. 10- painteu back~round and part of desi~n. Mar. l~- finished painting. Mar. 13- backdrop taken to ~ym. If the wea thcr is windy. t21{e fla ts from the Fine Art$ puilding to the gym in a covered truck. (Look for a windless day if any.) Mar. 14- backdrop put up. The flats should loat liIec! this: 8 B m (;] rn. Flats 2 and 4 have one corner miss1ng. This space f i" is for the poles which hold the basketball backboard. You will need rope to lash the flats to the rafters­see Mr. Sparks. Don't put it up too soon as they might be torn by the classes practicinq their marching. ~hings you will need. 1. Lots of car?et tacks to tack the paper to the flats. 2. Paint: Back3round- r;ubber base paint. Design- showcard color (Clark's Paint Store.) 3. Ma sking tape for rcpai r s. (AI so be t ter save some pain t. ) 4. A;)!)roval of Mr. Petrie for use of stage and work area. Better check with Mr. Putnam too. A final recommendation would be to get the backdrop done before Glee week. you'll be busy enough. If you have any problems or questions consering the back­drop construction. please feel free to ask "5 for help. Sincerely, "'I \ I..!~ "( ~ t ASSISTANT FRESHMAN GLEE MANAGER As Assistant Freshman Glee Manager you will be expected to work hand in hand with the Glee Manager. Before long yQU will find that your position is almost as time consuming as the Glee Manager's, but that there is not as much responsibil­ity. At times you will be very glad that you aren't Glee Mana­ger. Your duties can be classified under four headings: 1) pianos, 2) budget, 3) KBZY, and 4) odd Jobs. Number one on the list is pianos. I shall assume that the piano problem will be the same for you as it has been for past assistant managers. But in my budget report you will find some suggestions concerning the pianos. Anyway, you should start a month before Glee hunting for two nine foot concert grand pianos. Dean Geist at the music school is very good about loaning one of his pianos. I hope you have as much luck getting the second piano as we did. Stone Piano Company loaned us the other piano. But don't count on this because they usually rent it for $25.00. After you get the pianos, your problems are just beginning. Next is the ~oving and then tuning. Capitol Transfer did the moving fer us, and it cost a small fortune to move them. But I doubt if vie could have found a cheaper price. One hint on the moving-­if you don't follow the movers around, they'll be taking a smoke break every ten minutes. Also save your cuts for Glee week. You'll need them. The last procedure on the pianos before Glee is getting them tuned. They have to be tuned together, and then after Glee, the music school piano has to be tuned again. At $10.00 a tuning, this amounts to $30.00; but Wendell Helm did it for $20.00 for us. Try to have the pianos in the gym by Thursday so the olasses can practice with them. The last preparation to make is an arrangement with the movers to pick up the pianos and return them. This is done Monday morning. Number two of your duties is the budget. This will be without a doubt your biggest headache. There is a complete budget report elsewhere in the scrapbook so I wonSt go into it here. My only advioe is start early and good luck. You'll need it. Your third duty will be to help announce over KBZY. You help fill in the facts during the broadcast of Glee. There is a rebroadcast the next morning; but if you make it up in time to hear it, you'll probably be the only member of the Glee Committee that does. Your last duty is classified as odd jobs. I canSt really tell you what to expect under this because it depends on the Glee Manager. But, I can assure you that there will be enough of them to keep you occupied. That just about sums up my report. You've got a very rewarding job ahead of you. At times you may doubt this as I know both Stu and I did, but after Glee I'm sure you will have something to be proud of. All I can say is good luck and if you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them if I can. Respectfully submitted, Hugh Stites, Jr. Assistant Glee Manager, 1959 Chri:: ::-: ehurr and Jon Wollandc?r-Chcdr:~en Karen Billman-dB lstant Je,nee V"LH'10nd,'L: Franz, Judy lvIiettunen, ,ijick ~Jelson, Ginny Palmer, Chrif' '~yer, <1"111 Thoma.s, Loi' Van Loben ~_ el:::, L~on dillirt:r1s, j:'-ELrtha Vlynd. Lyle Green-Chairman Doug 1u~tin-Assistant Ted ~lexander, Don ~ryan, D~ve Cam~~rano, John Cooner, John Freis, C'",rl D"Tie-ht, ihy Gr''''~'';c, Gob Heryford, doc: f.:h~ doe17 , '/';Tron ' .. tene ruo , ~teve Williamcon, Larry Jilson. ::tay Honerlarc-Jhairman Lee Dietz-/is ::.:ietant ::::"r'l Di'!i,,!ht, Judy Er-m:'on, Lind:~ :':'3tson, K.'1ren f':nith, ~UZ'~n11e 0j~ullin • TICKE'I','~, Pete Krsmer-Ohairman Gail dalton '?nd Bonnie Dur'O'lle-'\.:cistEmts vherry Dicl<erf:~on, ~v:8,r;1 Knott, L~,rry ~-n~lder', \J'?,r~r ·~8rden. LIGHTING (\llan ::: tevens -Chail"mcm Sid Me Aul<lY-2\s S i f't!],nt Dick Green, 3tqn 8t~er. 0ue11en ,.. • tanley-Chairman Ma:gie Hanna-Assistant ~uoy Elliot, Fr~ln l!arley, ,;ji tsy MeCreq,dy i;;:areia, Ruby-,:jhairman ~ike Esteourt-Air~irt~nt 'sob ljic,ho", rc;.i}~e Focter, lhney Gray, tmne Petrie, j)el1'llY YOE,t RECORD;:) D8,ve EE~Ut:,eberc-Ch9"irman ?hil Thorn-A2si~tant .6ob =~urrO\v, 8harle2 Do"rby, J.'.Lf:trcio . .J1;l"\vi':1, Nicl:::y Fax, i:..n,-3ie ~Iunnell, Eill ,-,huge, Herb 'tover. Dick Brown-Chairman Diane ?rm'm-As;: ist~mt COl:van, Penny Duerl-', 1 ,-,oldschmidt, ?JI8rinn Hauke. PU.2.LI en TY Jack Withers-Chairman Harry Coolidge and Marilyn -A sistants Chary Ohanda, Tom Ihrig, Judy !!~111s, Dob ; eeger, Terr:l Schul1at. U':.F:';;R Karen Erb-ChBi1"man Donna Eorn-As istant nONO? GU :\RD "'iane Brown, Linda Dumc, ,Mike tcourt, Nancy Gray, Kirkpatrick, Betty .iilliams, Kenny ":'loo1"e,' Ron :'1illiams, Colleen '/f~tlrod.


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