Differences in Couple Representation Between Men’s and Women’s Magazines

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This study was a content analysis on ten mainstream men’s and ten mainstream women’s magazines. Researchers looked for depictions of a couple within articles, advertisements, and in any images within the magazine. Every item was coded for what kind of couple was shown, the tone towards being a couple, and what the genders of the individuals within the couple were. A tally of how many articles and images mentioned couples, and how many articles or advertisements featured birth control was made in addition to the coded items. It was hypothesized that couples would be mentioned more in women’s magazines and would be portrayed more positively compared to the men’s magazines. Results supported this hypothesis through chi-square analysis. Furthermore, the hypothesis that most couples represented would be heterosexual couples was also supported. All of our results were statistically significant.



Women's and Men's Magazines, Cultural Identity, Social Awareness, Student Scholarship Recognition Day (SSRD)