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Wailing Wall

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Hallie Ford Museum of Art



As it was for numerous mid twentieth-century Oregon artists, the coast was a constant inspiration for Carl Hall, and many of his paintings and drawings depict the natural and man-made formations of the state's ocean beaches. "Wailing Wall", exhibited in "Artists of Oregon 1954" at the Portland Art Museum, was inspired by the beach and seawall where the D River joins the Pacific in what is now Lincoln City. It meets Hall's criteria that the "Northwest artist [be] concerned with the physical aspects of his environment," transforming these "into works of art." The book "Eden Again: The Art of Carl Hall" published by the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, is available at the sales counter in the lobby.


Animals, Beaches, Birds, Clouds, Dead animals, Death, Fish, Oceans, Oil paintings, Paintings, Seas, Seascapes, Starfishes, Sun, Walls