Locus of Control as a Mediator in the Relationship Between Sex Education and Sexual Behavior in Adolescents

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A model in which locus of control acted as a mediator in the relationship between sex education and sexual behavior in adolescents was tested. One hundred forty college student participants completed an online survey which measured sexual behavior, locus of control, condom use self-efficacy, sexual knowledge, and experiences with sex education in school. Although significant relationships were found between sex education and sexual behavior, no significant relationships were revealed between sex education and locus of control or locus of control and sexual behavior resulting in rejection of the hypothesized model. Exploratory supplementary analyses revealed significant relationships between condom use self-efficacy, knowledge, and sexual behavior. The implications and limitations of this study are discussed, along with possible explanations of the findings.



Student Scholarship Recognition Day (SSRD), Adolescence, Sex Education, Sexual Behavior, Locus of Control, Psychology Theses