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Donkey Engine, Siletz River

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This watercolor is one of two by Grover purchased in 1996, of mid-twentieth century scenes on the Oregon coast. Grover recalled in 1996 that, in the company of Maude Wanker, she made sketches for the painting on the north bank of the Siletz River, just east of the old Siletz River bridge on Highway 101, c. 1956. "The donkey engine was on a loading dock, just west of the Gerttula Boatworks, about a quarter or half mile up the Siletz River. Logs were sent down the river to some pilings that maybe are still there" (conversation with Roger Hull, May 11, 1996). Based on her sketches, Grover painted this view, looking west toward the bridge. According to Grover's records, the painting was exhibited in one-person shows at Oregon College of Education, now WOSC (November 1956), the Yaquina Art Center, Newport (1957), and in an undated exhibition at Grand Ronde.