2023 Spring Semester

During the second semester of the senior year at PNCA, BFA students produce a dynamic body of work accompanied by written components that meaningfully explore a significant and self-defined issue or concept.

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    My Best Work
    Sara Bystrom
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    Audrey Meschter BFA Illustration Thesis Spring 2023
    Audrey Meschter
    With three collections based in different geographical regions of the state, Rowena is a graphic apparel and accessories brand designed in Oregon, for Oregon. Each collection is inspired by the visual qualities and color palettes of the landscape they are designed for, presented as a prototype shop in a professional website setting. The collections — Forest, Coastal and Desert — present in a unified, cohesive manner but are also curated to reflect their chosen region individually, too. Designed for lovers of the outdoors and design, Rowena seeks to bring these two worlds together for both the enthusiasts and the quiet participants. Named after the Rowena Crest viewpoint, Rowena is inspired by Oregon and seeks to share its beauty through collections of thoughtfully designed products.
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    Emily Wilkinson BFA Illustration Thesis Spring 2023
    Emily Wilkinson
    Pip and the Path of Petals is a 32-page picture book dummy that explores the themes of insecurities, friendship, and self acceptance. Set in an enchanting Pacific Northwest inspired forest and utilizing a bright spring centered color palette, this story untangles what it’s like to feel dissatisfied in your own skin, and the unexpected delightful discoveries of what can evolve when you share your true self with the ones who understand you. We follow our main character, a young jackalope named Pip, who is deeply embarrassed of her large antlers. She navigates difficult feelings of loneliness and self shame but finds courage in an unlikely technique that helps her step out of her shell and connect with others. But when her plan is turned upside down, will Pip be able to recover from the embarrassment she’s faced in front of these new critters? Luckily, her new friends are there to help! They provide her with comfort and show Pip that we all have unique quirks that make us special, and that there is power and love you can find within when you accept these qualities instead of feeling shame about them. Website for Emily Wilkinson: emmyillustrates.com